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      Earning My Ears Sunshine State's Avatar
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      Feb 2011

      Do you have a particular way you walk WS at Epcot?

      Bit of a random question but thought I would ask anyway.

      What direction do you usually walk around WS at Epcot? Do you have a certain way around you do it or do you just go with whatever?

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      Junior Cast Member spdblondie's Avatar
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      Jun 2011
      Kansas City
      Not sure why, but we go counter clockwise. I think so we can cheat and go ride the Mahlstrom in Nordstrom!

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      Supreme Cast Member Pinoke76's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      Southampton, UK
      9 times out of 10, we head anti-clockwise around WS. I am sure it is just to get to England quicker

      We only go the other way if we have a reservation in Norway, see an obnoxious family going anti-clockwise just in front of us - or if we enter from the Beach/Yacht area to get back to our resort bus.
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      A walking SportsCenter SportsMickey's Avatar
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      Oct 2007
      Depends on what i'm there for. Generally we go counterclockwise, but like I said, it depends on why I'm heading to WS
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      Administrator MKJo's Avatar
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      Jan 2008
      We normally start off in Mexico, as we figure many start in Canada, so it's quieter for the 1st few countries
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      Moderator ThinkTink's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      We break left when we start out.....typically heading straight to Norway because the girls are doing a Kim Possible mission. Those all start there, then we zig zag all around saving different countries . If the girls are NOT doing a KP mission, then we still break left and just go around the loop .
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      Jon is offline
      Administrator Jon's Avatar
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      Jan 2011
      I'm sure we've done both but mostly start at Mexico and continue from there.

      I wonder if anyone favours the boat across the lagoon to start?

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      Junior Cast Member Disney Kelly's Avatar
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      Apr 2011
      North East UK
      Never tried the boat.

      For us it depends on where we are dining at, what time or whether we enter from IG or not. If Im honest it depends on how soon I need a frozen Margarita

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      Administrator USCWest's Avatar
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      May 2008
      Woodbridge, VA
      It really varies for us, we just go whatever direction we feel like going on that particular day.

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