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      Lightbulb Christmas & New Year touring tips

      Planning a blog article giving tips for anyone visiting during Christmas & New Year and was hoping all you lovely people could help by providing tips and useful info
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      Arrive early and if staying onsite, take advantage of Extra Magic Hour, both morning and night.

      Have patience if you want to do rides. It's crowded and the waits will be long. FP is your friend but it goes back to the first point because they run out quickly.

      Make your ADRs (Advance Dining Reservations) early, however if you don't have one, Guest Services can try to find you something somewhere.

      Eat counter service at off times to avoid huge lines and a major lack of seating

      Don't miss the holiday extras (Candlelight Processional at Epcot; Jingle Jungle Parade at AK; Osbourne Lights at Studios; Christmas parade at MK; Santas around the World at Epcot)

      Not park related but pack for any kind of weather. We had days in the mid to upper 70's but others that didn't get out of the 50's during December/January last year. I scraped frost off my windshield one morning on my way into work between Christmas and New Year's

      If you want to go to MK for NYE get there EARLY. They hit phase closing at 9:30 AM last year. At that point until 10 PM you could not get into MK unless you were an onsite guest, AP holder or had an ADR (Advance Dining Reservations) (number required to board the monorail at Epcot).

      Just a tip from a CM - Don't get upset with the CMs because it's busy. We have no control over the number of guests that went to MK in the morning. I promise you I didn't tell them all to get there so YOU couldn't go. (yes that actually happened - a guest told me that I ruined their vacation because MK was at phase closing)
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      Someone asked this a couple of weeks ago and I will just copy from that.

      1) Plan extra time for adr's if taking any Disney transportation.
      2) Take your time and don't be in a rush throughout the day. This will surely ruin a wonderful time at a wonderful place.
      3) Pick out your favorite spot for viewing parades, fireworks, etc... a little earlier. We have noticed people picking out spots 1 1/2hrs before the events start.

      4)One of the biggest pet peeves I have during Christmas is people taking pictures at popular spots and taking too long to get it done. Take your picture and get out of the way. Numerous times we have witnessed a group or family moving people in and out, switching spots, standing, kneeling, etc... If there are people waiting, take 1or 2 shots with the people you need in the picture and move on. If nobody is waiting then take your time but please be courtious to others. And please explain to the nice stranger taking your family picture how to use your camera before you ready yourselves for the picture.

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      Take time to have a look around the resorts - there are some wonderful decorations that are well worth a look.

      Bring a few decorations from home to brighten up your room and make it feel more Christmassy,

      Make sure you get to see the Holiday Storytellers in Epcot and also the singers in the American Pavillion.

      Wander around Downtown Disney to get really in the mood for Christmas!

      If possible try and go to MVMCP at least once.

      Watch the castle lighting ceremony from Main Street.

      Dance with the crowds at the Osbourne Lights

      Go to MK on Christmas Morning - you can't beat it! Watch the parade and wave at Father Christmas!


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      all of the above and one bit of advice. Take some time to enjoy the decorations. The details that some of the resorts and parks go to for decorating is incredible. I know there is so much to see and do and; and the lines will be long, but take lots of pictures and enjoy the decorations.
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      Any more?
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