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      Not a fan of the Beach Club and it would be my last choice on the Boardwalk. Definitely wouldn't stay at the values or mods because I don't like the doors opening on to the walkways. I would stay on HPB instead. AS Sports is horrendous IMO, we drove around and some blocks looked like old army barracks. Sorry!

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      I think the convenience of having the resorts facilities within a reasonable walking distance would rule CBR, save paying the extra for a preffered room (which im loathe to do). The only time im likely to visit Fort Wilderness if is to check out Trails End. Im sure the cabins are nice enough but again, the place is just too spread out.

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      Quote Originally Posted by tweenie123 View Post
      I think they thought the Beverly Hillbillies had arrived when we turned up to stay

      We had carrier bags from Publix filled with Bryan's beer and looked really bedraggled after being up for fourteen hours!

      formerly known as : *** Tinker ***

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      I agree with the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World comments. For me the theme of the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World does not seem fun! Other delux resorts do not feel like this. The poly is a delux but is totally relaxed and inviting as are other delux resorts. I stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World many moons ago when it was the only value resort avail besides camping at Fort Wilderness which I am opposed to and think that there are much better options in modorate than CBR! For me camping is staying at a hotel with no room service!!!

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      An interesting debate. I've never fancied staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World as it seems too spread out and I can't see why it is often more expensive than the other moderates. CS has also never appealed as it just doesn't look nice - almost too clinical.

      I'm enjoying the debate on GF. I had always said that on visits to Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Walt Disney World during the day it all seemed so sanitised with no atmosphere and I could never see myself staying there. However, when we went up to dinner at 1900 Park Fare a couple of years ago, I saw the softer side of GF. There was the pianist in the lobby but he was playing games with the kids using Disney songs - at that moment I realised that the magic is still there but it is not as in your face as with other resorts.
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      It is funny, but in my experience the "fancier" the WDW resort-the nicer the staff. Now almost all our experiences at the resorts have been great, but we have had a few times at the moderate resorts when the check in staff hasn't been exactly welcoming. Our deluxe resort experiences at the Beach and Yacht Club, the staff has always gone beyond the call of duty in terms of service. We have had wonderful experiences at the restaurants at the Grand Floridian, we always feel comfortable there. Everyone's perceptions are different I know, and I want to give a shout out to CBR, which was the first resort we stayed at in 1998, and got us started on our love of Disney resorts. I am sad to hear that it has changed so much.

      I think of all the resorts on property, the one I would least want to stay at is Old Key West Vacation Club Resort at WDW. Visited for the first time in January, and I was underwhelmed to say the least. It seemed like the kind of hotel you might find off the interstate or something. For some reason it really didn't have the Disney feel for me.

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      I think my least favorite are the value resorts - If they were the only place I could afford and it came down to staying there or not going at all then I don't have an issue with staying there but we prefer the amenities of the deluxe resorts and as long as we are able to fit it in our budget that is most likely where we choose.

      Fort Wilderness and Caribbean Beach are probably the others I would choose last to stay.
      Having toured the FW Cabins I can say that I do like the rustic charm that they have and the space but don't care for the double beds and that it is hard to get around the resort in general

      We love the Grand Floridian, YC, WL, BoardWalk Inn Resort at Walt Disney World Orlando and Animal Kingdom Lodge resort at Walt Disney World - those are the ones we stay at the most

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