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      Junior Cast Member Alanandali's Avatar
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      Feb 2011

      Transportation - changing our normal plans

      We have for many years always used DME to get to and from the airport - and mears shuttles to get to Universal, Sea World etc. Have been investigating and will be doing it differently this year - using the Alamo UK site to hire cars by the day at £24.

      This'll be great when we arrive - as we can pick up from the Airport and then drop off at the Dolphin next day, having visited the supermarket in between and stocked up on cheaper groceries. Same on final day where we can pick up from Dolphin and use the car to drive to downtown checkin and back, then drop off at the airport late afternoon.

      For Universal it may not be much cheaper, but still worth it for flexibility I think - and allow for a shopping mall visit (energy permitting!) on way back.

      And other than that we'll not need a car - using the free Disney Vacation Club taxis for golf days and Disney transportation for everything else.

      Car hire insurance in particular was always crazy high, but much improved these days!

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      Moderator Debi's Avatar
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      Oct 2009
      Phillipsburg, NJ
      We super enjoyed having a car . So much more you can do and see . Thinking about going back to FL in June to visit Robbie . Rent a car and go to Cocoa FL, Universal/Islands of Adventure.

      formerly known as : *** Tinker ***

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