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      Jan 2011

      Hand luggage/ hand bags/park bags

      What do you all use as your handbag or hand luggage for the plane?

      Please feel free to include pics!

      Then what do you use in the parks? To go the malls? To dinner?

      Do you change them over or keep with the same.

      I never seem to hit it quite right.

      Love to here your thoughts.

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      Jan 2011
      Being that we don't typically fly - we're out of the running for that one.

      I'm more of a hand's free gal, I don't carry a purse/bag on a regular day. Lucky for me, I'm a fan of the cargo type shorts that have pockets down to the knee. In the parks I typically ONLY carry a few bucks, my check card, our KTTK card. The rest of our stuff gets carried in my camera bag. Since we use Disney transportation I don't have a need for car keys ever, so they spend vacation sitting in the room.

      I have a feeling I am going to be unique in my response though, more ladies probably have all kinds of bags to chat about .
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      I try to go light when I'm at WDW because the two times we went we had the DDP and you don't need to have a jacket for later. So I took William's kid back pack to carry the small thinks you need and it is big enough to carry water.

      Here at home I take a bigger back pack but most of the time we need light jackets, drinks and snacks. If I bought drinks and snacks at DL everytime we went I would go broke. :) All that being said I hate carrying the back packs the drinks are so heavy at the start of the day.

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      Lincolnshire, England
      On the plane we try to get away with as little as possible. We just have a small backpack. We then use that as our swim bag. In the park we have a bum bag (the only time we ever would be seen with one hehe), which has a wallet and camera in. Last time and this time coming we'll also have a baby change bag, but will have the least amour possible in it. We just try and have the smallest amount possible, has always worked for us, can't be doing with lugging more around than is needed.

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      On the plane the only stuff of mine in the bags (apart from food) is camera & camcorder. The rest is the girls' stuff. Last two times we had a Trunki, Chloe's little Minnie Mouse pull-along case and 2 small backpacks.

      Around the parks we just take a backpack which contains spare clothes for the girls, nappy (diaper) stuff for Chloe, camcorder and my purse (wallet). I don't bother with a handbag on holiday.
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      Sunny Sussex
      I have an Atlas Size Zero Messenger bag for the plane which is nice and light but has plenty of space for all of the passports, tickets, books, MP3 players, food, etc that I take on board
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      on the plane I have an across body travel bag for tickets passports etc and DH has a small holdall for glasses,pens, the dsi's,and in the parks I have a bum bag and of course I NEED to buy myself a new handbag while I'm out shopping it wouldn't be the same if I came home without a new bag !

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      Feb 2011
      Oh I went a bit daft with bags this year

      When we first went hubby took a rucksack which would carry all documents etc on the plane, and also like kids stuff (teddys/drinks etc), and then he would use that to take around the parks with light jackets, drinks, suncream etc.

      NOW.....well this time, for my birthday I got an across the body bag, which I planned on using as my flight bag and told myself it would be ideal for holiday too - going around parks, going out at night etc. But it wasnt!!
      I bought a bag which I planned on using for the water parks but to be honest it was a bit small and would have only fit my book, sunglasses and suncreams, but then was just in a shop and spotted a big yellow and white striped bag that was ideal, so bought that. Then I decided that my original bag wasnt ideal for night times, so I picked a small black across the shoulder bag (like the hands free option), then I decided that it also wasnt suitable for the parks, so I searched for a small black bag which was compact but big enough to hold camera, glucose for my daughter, her testing kit, suncream, bit of cash and tickets etc.
      So I actually used my cross body bag for the plane, a small black bag for night time, different small black bag for going around the parks, and a big bag for water parks

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      Feb 2011
      As I have to stay overnight before my flight I have to bring a little change of clothes, but, I hated having to bring a large bag on as hand luggage outbound, so I keep an old cheap Tshirt and unmentionables that I wear on the drive up and bin them the day of the flight. I then only need a medium size handbag for my Archos and I-Touch and small bits I need onboard, I can stow it under the seat for landing so don't have to worry about getting it out from overhead lockers at the end. Last trip DD and I were at the exit doors that they opened and we were out before they could stop us to let PE and UC class out, through passport control before anyone else was in sight, we still had to wait for our bags, but, it was lovely to just sit and wait.

      I take a tiny Kipling bag into the park and always go through bag check, it's the same size as a camera case,so I might see if I can sneak through the 'no bag' entrance on the next trip, they rarely check the bags properly anyway most of the time or I'm stuck behind someone with half a dozen bags and doesn't get them ready and opened until they reach the guard grrrr.

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