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      Arrow Airline Reviews and Photos

      This thread is for members to post mini reviews and photos of airlines they have flown with to & from Florida.
      A common topic on the forums is airlines, so hopefully this will help members when they are choosing who to fly with.

      You could post details such as-
      What class you booked
      Did you take off on time
      Thoughts on service/entertainment/food

      Photos of seats
      Photos of food

      ** Please do not use this thread to post any questions about airlines. Anything other than reviews and photos will be moved **
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      Southampton, UK
      Virgin Atlantic - Premium Economy from London Gatwick

      We were on the 11:35 flight on 7th May 2011. It was a miles plus money deal, so it was the most cost effective way for us to travel this time.
      We did twilight check in around 7pm on the 6th May which was perfect, quick and easy to deal with and allowed us to relax knowing our baggage was dealt with. Virgin gave us a sticker for a fast track service the next morning which also appeared to make security much quicker to get through

      Our flight was announced as on time, but there was a problem with the upper deck so they loaded the rest of the plane first. Eventually when we got on the flight everyone appeared frustrated and rushed before take off. The seats were comfy and the take off was good.
      Whilst the airline isn't responsible for weather, it was nice to have minimal turbulance on this flight!
      Our one complaint about this flight was that for the third consecutive flight on PE, they ran out of the beef meal before we were served. Given the alternates were curry and fish, we ended up with economy shepherds pie. Whilst it was ok, I think it is ludicrous how often Virgin run out of Beef on the journeys (we had the same problems with Los Angeles and Las Vegas last year)

      For the return journey we were booked on the 19:30 flight, which was delayed an hour before we even arrived at the airport. Given we were on Magical Express we had to just accept that and hope to relax at the airport. :(
      The gate was then changed from 81 to 80, after most people had settled at the gate. I don't know why they couldn't change it prior to people getting there You had a lot of families grumbling about moving all their bags (about 20 yards )

      Again, the seats were comfy and the entertainment worked. Movie choices were ok and drinks were served quickly ... I'd pretend to be :eek: shocked, but for the forth consecutive flight the PE Beef was gone before they were able to serve us. The other choices again were grim so we ended up with Beef from economy. It was edible, but very watery and the problem is that a lot of people around us were angry about having paid for a PE meal they couldn't have. The guy sat behind me was so obnoxious to the flight attendant and that we just accepted our meal and didn't complain. I don't know what he really thought she could do once in the air???

      I have no idea why Virgin think it is a good idea to serve Curry or Garlic in a confined space, it obviously isn't as popular as the Beef meal and the Beef obviously affects travellers sat around you a lot less in terms of odour!!!
      I accept any problem once or twice, but given that is four times in a row - I highly doubt I will pay for PE on Virgin again in the near future. Such a shame as the rest of the journey was good.
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      Virgin Atlantic - Premium Economy - October / November 2010

      Early flight from Manchester.

      We booked 2 adults, 1 child and 1 infant (18 mnths) using Miles Plus Money, and paid a total of £2421.66 (inc taxes, etc)

      Wouldn't let us book seats online as travelling with infant, so had to book by phone. Booked seats upstairs but was told we'd probably be assigned bulkheads as travelling with infant. Emailed them, and also called to request that they didn't put us downstairs.

      Went to do online check-in day before flight, let me check-in, but not the others because travelling with infant. So I knew from my seat number that we'd been allocated upstairs bulkheads.

      Checked in with no wait at Manchester Airport. Sophie and I had been given bulkheads and Jon the aisle seat behind.

      From what I can remember, we boarded and took off on time. Selection of newspapers and magazines (Daily Mail, one of the big posh papers, and Hello magazine, along with other magazines) free to take on way onto plane. Girls both got V-Kid packs.

      Plenty of leg room in bulkhead seats, enough for kids to move around.

      Staff were friendly enough.

      Meal choice terrible as usual. No meal for Chloe as infants not in a seat just get offered a baby meal At 18 months old she was past eating out of a jar. Thankfully I'd taken my own food for her.

      Entertainment system worked ok.

      Landed on time.

      Return flight was the later flight, leaving MCO 21:55 and arriving back in Manchester 09:50.

      Don't remember much about the flight, but think we took off and landed on time. Didn't get bulkheads this time, so a bit more cramped with an 18 mnth old sat on your lap, even in PE. When seat in front was reclined I couldn't stand up whilst holding her when she was asleep.

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      VIRGIN ATLANTIC - ECONOMY - March 2011

      VS073 depart Manchester 13:30 arrive Orlando 17:55
      VS074 depart MCO 21:55 arrive Manchester 10:50 (clocks went forward that night)

      Booked mine, Jon's & Chloe's tickets using VFC miles, paying £413.40 in taxes and surcharges + £6.20 credit card fee :eek:

      As Chloe was 23 months we just got away with having her as an infant with no seat.

      Paid for Sophie's child ticket as no more miles left! Total £438.00 + £6.57 credit card fee.

      Tried doing online check-in and it let me for some reason, even though travelling with infant. We'd all been assigned bulkheads We'd got seats 21 J, K & H in the front economy section. It's the one behind premium economy in it's own little cabin (turn left when you get on the plane, not right).

      As we'd booked the adult tickets using Flying Club miles we didn't have a choice of flight times and were on the later flight from Manchester, due to leave at 13:30. This was good in a way as we could have a bit of a later sleep rather than getting up at half-past-stupid like you do on the early flight.

      The taxi van picked us up at 9:45am and we were at Manchester airport at 10:30am. Much to our surprise there was absolutely no line at any of the check-in desks and we walked right up to the bag drop desk and put our cases in their safe hands (she says tongue-in-cheek).

      Left from gate 202 which is about 5 miles walk!

      Boarding was scheduled for 12:15 and it wasn't too long after that when they started. We were one of the first ones on, although it wouldn't have taken 5 minutes more to board everyone else who was there.

      Only the bulkheads in our section were taken and we were told to spread out once taken off. Looking back at the rest of the economy section there was hardly anyone onboard, I'd say it was only half full at the most. The downstairs premium economy section was completely empty, but they wouldn't let us move in there, the meanies!

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      These were the PE seats in front

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      Girls got Virgin Kid packs which contained a book (too old for them), crayon, baseball cap and one of those thin rubber digital watch things.

      Seats looked in better condition than the PE flight last year, especially the PE seats.

      Jon and Soph sat in the 3 seats behind us, so we had 6 seats between us, which was fab.

      We took off on time and drinks were served straight after.

      Kids meals arrived around 2:15pm. It was bolognese pasta, a fruit squeezy pouch, Haribo sweets and orange juice.
      Even though I'd been told I couldn't order a kids meal for Chloe as she didn't have a seat they still brought her one.

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      It was a while after when adult meals arrived, about 3pm, and by the time they got round to us the choice was only salmon fishcakes or vegetarian chili. The tray also included salad, a bread roll, water and a Gu chocolate/raspberry pot.

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      Afternoon tea came around 2 hours before landing. It was a sandwich and chocolate raisin cookie.

      We landed on time to but forever to taxi to the gate.

      Massive queue at immigration as another flight just landed before us.

      Flight Home

      Arrived at MCO at 6:30pm using Magical Express.

      Long queue at check-in, waited about 25 minutes.

      Got bulkheads 21 A, B & C, again in front economy cabin, but opposite side of plane.

      Boarding would be from gate 85 at 21:05.

      Flight already boarding when we got to gate.

      The cabin was a bit fuller than coming out but still only about half full. There were 3 adults behind us who were complaining to staff as they'd paid for extra legroom seats and been stuck in regular economy seats behind us. Stewardess said the purple seats have a bit more seat pitch and are considered extra legroom!

      Doors closed at 9:30 and we took off on time.

      By the time they got to us the choices were limited to Moroccan beef stew or creamy pasta. The roll was stale, the salad had dried fruit and a papaya seed dressing.. Had to ask what the dessert was, turned out it was a bakewell tart slice.

      They collected the trays quickly and soon put the lights out. I barely slept, and once Chloe woken up I had to try and entertain her. Flight time was 7 hrs 40. They served breakfast 1 hour 20 minutes before landing. It was an egg & cheese roll - no use for me or the girls. They said they'd bring us some fruit but never did.

      Never came round to do duty free during flight home.

      Landed on time.
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