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      Alamo Toll Violation Letter

      Ok, this may be a little long winded so please bear with me.

      On our last trip to WDW in Sept 2010 I collected our car that we had pre booked in the UK via USrentacar then proceeded the usual loading of bags and bodies onto the car before setting off out of the airport to join the Beechline Expressway west towards I4 and ultimatelt WDW.

      The first toll both was planely visiable as it was within a few hundred yards of getting on the the expressway, so I pay the toll then drive on, before to long I was expecting the 2nd toll however unaware you had to basically exit the expressway on a slip road down to the toll both to pay your toll then rejoin the expressway once paid I actually missed the signage for this and really wasn't expecting the new layout, once you get past the point of no return there are road signs telling you to continue straight on etc.,

      I anticipated having to pay the toll and a hefty fine for missing it when I returned the car however, nothing was mentioned and no "extras" were taken from my credit card as we handed the car back. I questioned the lady that checked over the car and told her I had missed a toll, she just said it takes a while for the papaerwork to come through and to expect a letter when we got home.

      True to her word about 3 weeks after we returned we had a toll violation letter telling us they would deduct the $.75 cents for the toll and a further $6.00 in admin, then 2 weeks later I get another letter requesting exactly what the first did, I then send the letter back with my CC details and heard nothing else about it.

      It dawned on me when we started to plan for our trip next year that I hadn't heard anything back regarding the payment for the fine and I then back tracked through my statement to find that no monies had be deducted from my CC. I started to panic a little as I envisaged being refues entry for non payment of traffic fines so I started trying to find a customer service number or email for Alamo, the first one I found was for Alamo UK so I sent an email with full explanation stating if the fine was still oustanding I would like to pay it ASAP. Unfortunately Alamo UK didn't want to know and sent me a somewhat discourteous email with a number and email address for the US office, so I repeat the process sending the email to Alamo US, after about a week I had a very nice email back from their customer service dept. stating that they had waived the total of $6.75 for the toll and the admin and gave me a reference number to certify the fact

      Just for reference the email address I used was

      This seems to be happening quite a lot and I have read cases were people have been charged $50 + for these toll violation fees, I guess I was quite lucky on this occassion that said I didn't do this on purpose and genuinely didn't see any signage telling me about the upcoming toll booths etc.,

      I just thought I would share this with you as I really struggled to get anywhere with my case initially, at least my experience on this matter is something that people on the boards could refer to if needed:)

      See I told you it was long winded

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      Glad you got it sorted,

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      Yes you were lucky. A friend of mine ran through the tolls in Chicago for 3 days thinking he was paying for them with our IZOOM. It is an electronic device that the toll booths read in your car so you don't have to stop and hand over money. For the 3 days of not paying he was sent a letter(they take a picture of your license plate when you pass through) for unpaid tolls and late fees of $820. The tolls themselves only would have cost him $20 or so. Needless to say, after 5 or 6 phone calls he only had to pay $50. He was lucky. Chicago is owed somewhere in the vicinity of 1 million dollars for unpaid tolls from out of state drivers.

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      Very lucky indeed :) I'm glad it was sorted out without too much bother!
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      I am glad you have sorted it out - I would have been worrying about being turned away at the border
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      Oh My Goodness , I was waiting for you to say you now owed $$$ A little bit of magic followed you from the Us to UK and back .
      Great News

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      Glad it hear it ended well! No slammer for you on your next entry into the US ;) thank goodness,,

      I am here:

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