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      Improvements to MCO Immigration

      Orlando International Airport (MCO) - Press Release - 5/17/2013 Self-Processing Kiosks

      5/17/2013 - New Self-Service Technology Initiative Program Will Streamline International Passenger Processing at Orlando International Airport

      ORLANDO, FL. – The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board approved at its May meeting the implementation of a new initiative program self-service Automated Passport Control (APC) system. Orlando International Airport will be the first airport in the nation to test the self-service kiosks to expedite the international arrival process and reduce passenger processing times with Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The new system is expected to be in place by this summer.

      The self-service kiosk technology will partially automate the inspection process for non-U.S. citizens entering the United States. Later this year, the program will expand in Orlando to add U.S. citizens as well. According to Customs and Border Protection, the primary objective of the technology is to increase the productivity of its resources by moving much of the mundane but necessary data collection duties to the passenger while they wait in queue. The self-processing kiosks will collect the passengers’ passport and flight information, declaration data, scan fingerprints, take a photo and issue a receipt to the passenger. The passenger then brings their passport and receipt to a CBP officer for verification. This program does not require passengers to register in advance. It will be available to all international passengers arriving at Orlando International Airport.

      “With the forecast rate of international growth at Orlando International prompted by regional business expansion the addition of services and processes that improve the arrival experience for our travelers is welcomed. It benefits our airport and has proven to have a major economic impact on the businesses that serve Central Florida,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

      As a Model Port (port of entry) designated by the United States Customs and Border Protection, Orlando International Airport continues its goal to introduce the latest high technology to process international passenger arrivals quicker and more efficiently.

      In April, Orlando International became the first airport in the nation to collaborate with the CBP to automate the I-94 documentation for entry into the United States. The introduction of that program has also helped to reduce wait times and streamline the arrival process for international passengers.

      “Orlando International Airport has long been a receptive participant in testing and implementing various forms of new technology to enhance and improve processes especially in the areas of safety and security. This new kiosk system is a logical step for us to explore as we continue to grow our international business and look for ways to enhance “The Orlando Experience,”® says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

      The self-service kiosks are being developed for the Authority by SITA a leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology.

      Orlando International processed a record 3.7 million international passengers in 2012 and so far this year is recording double-digit growth of 10.8 percent.

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      Anything that speeds up immigration is good to me.

      I've got visions of self service check out booths like the tills in our local Tesco!


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      Sounds good to me
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      If this reduces wait times I'm all in favour, thanks for the info Alec

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      I won't see it this year, but, I'll be interested in hearing from others about what they think, if it's better.

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      The problem with these automated systems are the members of the public who use them. I'm flying quite a bit for business at the moment and still have an older 'unchipped' UK passport. Coming through Heathrow, they have the long snaking queue for most passports and then the much shorter one for the people with chipped passports using the automated machines.

      On three recent trips, my colleagues with the chipped passports have joined the shorter queue and on all three occasions I have beaten them through passport control as they get held up by people who seem to be unable to use the automated machines.
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