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Escape Collection Frequently Asked Questions

How do Disney's Escape Weddings differ from Disney's Wishes Weddings?

Escape Weddings are complete wedding and honeymoon packages designed for the bride and groom. They typically include a small ceremony with cake and a champagne toast, lodging at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, and Walt Disney World Theme Park tickets. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate up to eighteen guests at the ceremony.

Wishes Weddings are personalized events that allow the bride and groom to design a vow renewal ceremony and private reception in the Walt Disney World location of their choice. Because these are more elaborate, personalized events, minimum expenditures will apply. There are also certain food and beverage and room night minimums. Your Disney Wedding Consultant will work with you to establish a budget that meets all these requirements.

Can we invite more than eight guests?

Up to 20 people (including the bride and groom) can attend an Escape wedding, subject to location, but it will cost more.

What documents will I need for my Disney wedding?

Proof of a valid Florida marriage license is required prior to hosting your wedding ceremony at the Walt Disney World® Resort. Sorry, but passports are not acceptable as proof of marriage. If a previous marriage ended in divorce within 90 days in the state of Florida, or in the past year out of state, a copy of the divorce decree is required. Both bride and groom must be present to obtain the license.

What is a Disney Escape Wedding going to cost?

Prices for Disney's Escape Weddings start at $4,750 (not including the required four night minimum stay at an owned and operated Walt Disney World Resort).

What's the payment and deposit schedule for a Disney Escape Wedding?

An Escape Vow Renewal requires a $500 non-refundable deposit. The balance of the package price and additional elements are due 30 days prior to your arrival date.

When can I reserve my Escape Wedding date?

Escape Weddings at all outdoor Resort locations can be booked up to 1 year in advance. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion can be booked at eight (8) months in advance for Escape Weddings (subject to availability).

I'm planning an Escape Wedding. What Resorts can I choose from? Is there a "minimum stay" requirement?

Disney's Escape Wedding packages require a minimum of a four night stay at an owned and operated Walt Disney World Resort. For additional guests, up to 18 maximum additional elements are at an additional cost (note: some ceremony locations have a maximum occupancy of 10 guests.)

Will I need to arrange an Officiant for the ceremony?

Disney's Wedding Pavilion is non-denominational and you are welcome to bring an Officiant of your choice. If you'd like a recommendation, your professional Wedding Consultant can provide you with a list of Officiants who have previously performed ceremonies at the Walt Disney World® Resort.

How much planning time is necessary for an Escape Wedding?

Because Escape Weddings are an elegant and simple affair for 18 or less guests, the experts have selected some of the most popular floral, cake and music selections for you to pick from to make your wedding planning stress free. Your Wedding Coordinator will schedule two 30-minute planning calls to discuss and finalize your selections. Additionally, they will review the event day itinerary and any special transportation needs for you and your guests. Prior to these calls, you will receive an online planning kit that will need to be completed in order to make your planning time effective. If it would be helpful, your Wedding Coordinator will arrange for a Disney specialist to discuss any floral questions.

What if I feel that I need more planning time than what has been scheduled?

Your Wedding Coordinator will base additional telephone planning time requests on their availability. However, you may submit any additional questions via email and our wedding experts will have them answered within 72 hours of receipt (Monday - Friday).

Even though I’m planning an Escape Wedding, can I do something special for my guests?

Absolutely, there are specific times throughout the week where the wedding experts can offer an enhancement to your wedding cake cutting with a limited array of hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Your online planning kit will provide you with a list of enhancement options.

Does the Intimate Wedding Package include a reception?

Only a short cake and champagne reception. A full meal is not included, but can be added at additional cost. Alternatively, if you want to have a reception meal after the wedding you can arrange it yourself by making an Advanced Dining Reservation in the regular way.

Where is the cake cutting held?

If you have your ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion, you will go to Commander's Terrace, a large covered balcony on the second floor of the Grand Floridian Resort. This is where you'll cut the cake.
If your ceremony is elsewhere, your cake cutting will take place at that location.

Can we have an IllumiNations Dessert Party on the wedding night?

Only if you arrange it yourself. Your event manager will not be able to arrange it for you like they do with custom weddings. Also, you will not be allowed to wear your wedding dress in the park.

Can we hire an outside vendor to video our wedding?

Yes, you can bring in an outside videographer, see this page for a list of recommended vendors.

Can we add extras onto the package?

Yes, Disney have a number of enhancements available, including transport options, musicians and Disney characters.



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