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Club Cool Menu

Free samples of Coca-Cola products from around the world.

Krest Ginger Ale - from Mozambique
Ginger has long been used as a medicinal herb throughout Africa, so it is not surprising that Krest Ginger Ale is a popular drink in Mozambique

Fanta Kolita - from Costa Rica
Fanta Kolita captures the essence of two Costa Rican traditional drinks. Aqua dulce (sweet water) is sugar cane dissolved in water. Frescas are mixes of crushed fruit and water.

Beverly - from Italy
Beverly, with it's bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif that stimulates the appetite before dinner.

Mezzo Mix - from Germany
Germans often mix their beer with non-alcoholic beverages like Mezzo Mix, a combination of Coca-Cola and orange flavor, to enhance the flavor.

VegitaBeta - from Japan
In Japan, the interest in healthy consumption finds its ultimate expression is "Health" vending machines that dispense vitamin drinks like VegitaBeta.

Kinley - from Israel
Historical records from the 12th century reveal that a drink made of lemons, water and honey was popular among Genghis Khan's thirsty warriors.

Lift - from Mexico
Water flavored with fruit juices is a traditional thirst quencher in Mexico. The Spanish name for these drinks, Aquas Frescas, means fresh water. They are made by combining iced water with crushed fruit and sugar.

From China
The Chinese produce 40% of the world's watermelon crop and consume millions of watermelons each summer.

Frozen Coke

Build a Cup (20oz)    $8.00
Standard Cup (16oz)    $3.29

Coca Cola, Fanta Blue Raspberry

Style My Coke

Create your own Souvenir Bottle (20oz)    $2.50
Regular Bottle (20oz)    $2.00

Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Mr Pibb, Dasani

Sales tax not included
Disney Dining Plan Snack Eligible Item
All menus, items and prices subject to change

Menu date: February 2008



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