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Raglan Road Dinner Menu

It's All for Me!

Heritage Tomato Salad    $12
Heirloom tomato & rocket salad with shallots, parmesan crisps & balsamic reduction

Soul Soup    $6
Made fresh daily, your lovely server has the info

Mighty Mussels   $10
½ lb of fresh Blue Hill Bay mussels in a coconut infused curry broth

Tart Art    $10
Asparagus & goat cheese tart with garden peas, leeks & lemon oil-dressed argula

Salmon Swoon    $13
Choice Irish smoked salmon served with capers, shallots & crème fraiche

Kiss Before Prawns    $13
Pan-seared prawns in a garlic & chili lemon butter sauce with crostinis. Get your kissing done before this dish arrives

Crock o’Pate    $10
Our crock of rustic chicken liver pate served with apricot chutney

It's all for Sharing (2 people)

Scallop Forrest    $15
Georges Bank Scallops in a golden batter served with citrus lime dipping sauce & sweet chili jam

Calamari City    $12
Salt ‘n’ pepper calamari & mixed tempura vegetables served with a spicy remoulade

Heaven on Earth  
Baby back ribs tossed in a Guinness glaze

Nom Nom Wings    $10
Sweet ‘n spicy wings tossed in a honey, chili flake, soy & ginger sauce

Dalkey Duo    $11
Battered cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce

Smokie City    $13
Creamy smoked haddock & Dubliner cheese dip with potatoes, tomatoes & grilled baguette

Appetizer D’Lirrah    $26
Our Dalkey Duo, Scallop Forrest, Heaven on Earth & Nom Nom Wings

It's All Green

Soup and Salad Combo    $9
Choice of Caesar or mixed green salad with a cup of soup

Cashel Cashel    $14
Crumbled Cashel blue cheese, carmelized pecans, grape tomatoes, raspberries, prosciutto crisps, crostinis & raspberry vinaigrette
Add chicken or shrimp   $5

Hail Caesar    $12
Classic Caesar with prosciutto crisps, grape tomatoes, croutons & shaved parmesan.  
Add chicken or shrimp   $5

Citrus Salmon Salad    $17
Grilled salmon filet with mixed greens, carrots, orange segments & toasted almonds with a citrus herb vinaigrette

SSS Beefy    $15
Ssseared beef with mixed greens tossed in balsamic, roasted tomato, crispy onions & a horseradish cream.

The Vegetarian Goat   $15
Oven roasted vegetables tossed in white balsamic and lemon oil dressing with crumbled goat cheese.

Vroom Salad    $12
Gluten free quinoa grains with cider vinegar marinated beans, sweet & sour carrots, watercress & a honey mustard dressing.
Add chicken or shrimp   $5

It's all to Devour

Raglan Risotto    $15
Risotto with shiitake mushrooms, garden peas, shaved parmesan & rocket lettuce
Add chicken or shrimp    $5

Keen Eye for the Shepherd’s Pie  
We give the traditional Shepherd’s Pie a little makeover with our contemporary twist to this favorite dish

Fish 'n' Chips    $19
Our famous beer battered fish 'n' chips served with our fresh tartar sauce. (Ask our lovely server for gluten free option)

Pie in the Sky    $19
Reach new heights with our chicken & wild mushroom pie served with a (non -NASA) rocket lettuce

Kevin's Heavenly Ham    $23
Irish Mist glazed loin of bacon with savoy cabbage, colcannon potatoes, parsley sauce and a raisin cider jus

Crusty Cod    $25
Lemon parsley crusted cod with a broad bean butter broth

Cluck Chicken
Chicken breast in curry broth with onions, peppers, leeks & steamed almond rice

Lambo    $28
Lamb shank braised in rosemary jus with mash, leeks, shiitake mushrooms & baby carrots

Lambo Italiano    $22
Slow braised lamb ragout over rigatoni with tomatoes, fresh basil and reggiano

Beef Murray    $18
Beef curry pie with spinach, potatoes, mushrooms & apple chutney

Sod the Stew    $17
It's beef stew infused with a hint of Guinness. The auld sod personified (Sniff)

It’s a Porker    $25
Grilled pork chop with colcannon potatoes & a port cider jus with apple chutney

Banger & Booze  
Guinness & onion banger on mash topped with caramelized onions & beef stew

Salmon of Knowledge    $25
Baked Atlantic salmon fillet topped with smoked salmon, served with a maple glaze. It'll give you brains to burn

Pork Vienna    $20
Breaded and seared pork schnitzel with fried egg and chips

Burger ‘R’ Way    $15
Char-grilled sirloin beef burger with bacon, tomato chutney & Dubliner vintage cheddar. Served with Irish style chips

Portobello Beauty    $15
Portobello mushroom cap burger filled with Dubliner cheese, zucchini, tomato chutney & served with Irish style chips

Braised Be. Beef    $25
Braised beef with horseradish mashed potatoes, roasted carrots & parsnips

Serious Steak    $27
10oz sirloin topped with Irish whiskey marmalade glaze, with fresh basil oil, mashed potatoes & topped with beer battered onion rings

It's Not Bleedin' Chowder!    $25
That's what Master Chef said! It's the freshest cuts of seafood & potatoes in a white wine infused cream broth. But it’s not chowder. OK?

Mammy’s Roast Chicken    $20
Lemon thyme roasted half chicken with mashed potatoes and natural jus

Mighty Mixed Grill   $28
Lamb chop, Guinness banger, sirloin steak, black pudding, chicken drumstick & bacon. Mighty


caesar salad
colcannon potatoes
sweet and sour carrots
green beans
crushed garden peas
onion rings
braised cabbage
mixed field green garden salad
mashed potatoes
garlic parmesan and truffle oil skinny chips

$5.00 each


Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding     $8.50
Like no other pudding you have ever tried.
Believe us.

Dunbrody Kiss     $8.50
Chef Dundon’s gift to America. Chocolate.
Add chocolate. Then add some more.
With us?

Strawberry and Apple Crumble    $8.50
Fresh strawberries and apples in a tart with berry compote and vanilla bean ice cream

Dundon's Delight    $8.50
Raspberry pavlova with vanilla pod ice cream and raspberry sauce

Baileys Crème Brulee Tart     $8.50
Crème brulee Irish style

Trifle Sinful    $8.50
Kitchen baked Swiss roll, Grand Marnier, berries, custard and cream

Moore Street Market     $8.50
Fresh fruit basket, with natural yoghurt and a honey drizzle.

Pub Grub

Served 11pm - 1:30am

Calamari City    $11.50
Salt 'n' pepper calamari and mixed tempura vegetables served with a spicy remoulade

Dalkey Sausages    $10.50
Dalkey-battered cocktail sausages, with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce

Big Burger    $12.95
Char grilled sirloin beef burger. Add bacon and tomato chutney with Wexford vintage cheddar. Served up with fresh fried potatoes

Scallop Forest    $13.50
Forks of battered scallops served with a lime dipping sauce

Baby Guinness Ribs    $12.95
Baby back ribs in a Guinness and honey glaze. Praise be

Fish and Chips   $18.95
Our famous beer battered fish & chips served with tartar sauce

Chicken 'n' Chips    $11.95
Beer battered chicken tenders with a lime dipping sauce and chips

Liquid Desserts

Irish Coffee    $8.00
Bushmills Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream

Bailey's Coffee   $8.00
Bailey's Irish cream and whipped cream

Dessert Wines

Domaine Chandon, California 187ml    $11.00
Aromas of almonds & caramel with hints of apples and pears

Moscato D'Asti Santo Stefano    $13.00
A sweet low alcohol white wine with intense fruit

Bunratty Mead    $8.00
A white wine, honey and spice drink, imported from Ireland

Not for the Faint Heart

Hennessy VS    $9
Courvoisier VS    $9
Hennessy VSOP    $14
Remy Martin VSOP    $14

Fonseca Bin 27 Port    $8
Taylor "10yr" Tawny Port    $10

Amaretto Disaronno
Grand Marnier
B & B
Irish Mist

Irish Whiskey Selection
Middleton (very rare)    
Tullamore Dew
Bushmills  Black
Bushmills 21 yr
Try our Irish Whiskey Flights!

Scotch Whisky Selection
Highland Park 18yr / 25yr
Macallen 12yr / 15yr / 18yr
Famous Grouse   Famous / 12yr / 18 yr
Johnny Walker   Red / Black
Glenlivet 12yr
Try our Scotch Flights!


Murphy’s Red Creamy Irish Ale       
Smithwicks Irish Ale
Harp Irish Lager
Boddingtons’s  Ale 
Bass Ale    
Stella Artios  
Kronenbourg 1664                 
Tucher Hefeweiss      
Strongbow Cider
Newcastle Brown Ale


One for the Road
A blend of vodka and Midori with the juice of oranges and pineapples.

Double Berry Tini
A Crazzberry vodka based favorite with Chambord, cranberry juice and pineapple juice.
Real fruity and easy on the tummy.

The Dubliner
Imported directly. Jameson and apple pucker infused with Strongbow and cranberry juice.  

Citrus Mist
Refreshing and citrus sweet. A blend of Irish Mist and Bacardi Limon. A squeeze of lemon, lime and pineapple juice and Sprite.

Chocolate Martini
An old classic with a hint of Irish. Stoli vodka and Godiva white chocolate married with Baileys Irish cream.

Iced Irish
Irelands answer to Starbucks with alcohol added of course. Baileys Irish Cream, Butterscotch Schnapps, Jameson, and iced coffee, topped off with delicious fresh cream.

Jaygail Sangria
A refreshing blend of Strongbow, Peach Schnapps and Fruit Liqueurs with squeezes of lemon & lime and a splash of orange juice. Aye say “tasty”

Kid's Menu

Little Big Burger    $7.00
Sirloin beefburger char grilled topped with wexford vintage cheddar

Gold'n Chicken     $7.00
2 deep fried chicken goujons

Dalkey Duo    $7.00
Dalkey-battered cocktail sausages, with a dalkey mustard dipping sauce

Atlantic Fish    $8.00
Fresh Atlantic fish deep fried in a crispy batter

Crispy Shrimp     $9.00
Succulent deep fried shrimp

Macaroni Cheese    $7.00
Macaroni pasta with Dubliner cheese

You have a choice of one of the following with the dishes listed above:
garden vegetables, fresh salad with ranch dressing, mashed potato or Irish chips

Young Shepherd's Pie    $8.00
Traditional shepherd's pie with our contemporary twist to this favorite dish


Ice Cream    $3.00
Vanilla ice-cream with butterscotch sauce

Food Photos

Sales tax not included
Disney Dining Plan Snack Eligible Item
All menus, items and prices subject to change

Menu date: April 2012


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