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"El Rio Del Tiempo", or "The River of Time", to give it its english translation is a tranquil boat ride that journeys through Mexico's cultural periods and ancient civilizations, covering Mayan, Toltec and Aztec. It also shows life during colonial times, alive with colourful costumes and dances. The attractions focal point, the pyramid contains artifacts from Mexico's pre-Colombian era, and is desiged to represent a Mayan ceremonial hall. After sailing through the ages, you'll enter into the present with views of Mexico's great resorts and the bustle and noise of an open-air marketplace displaying sombreros, serapes, piñatas and the staples of daily life south of the border. The finale ends with an 'Its A Small World-esque' celebration. Singing and dancing dolls illustrate the carnival atmosphere, complete with fireworks along a replica of Mexico City's Reforma Boulevard.

About this Attraction

Location: Mexico Pavillion, World Showcase

Type: Gentle boat ride

Duration: 7 minutes

Best time to visit: Anytime

Tips & Fun Facts

Crowds can usually build around early afternoon for 'El Rio Del Tiempo', so its best avoided until later in the day.

Notice the arrangement of three clay pots in the marketplace scene.

On the mural on the left side near the end of the boat ride is a picture of a boy holding two maracas slightly behind his head ...right where Mickey's ears belong.

El Rio Del Tiempo opened on October 21st, 1982, almost three weeks after the Mexico pavillion itself opened.

Fibre-optics are used on the ceiling during the final scene to create the firework effects.

The artifacts on display in the gallery section of the attraction are genuine Mexican artifacts on loan from various Mexican museums. They are often rotated with others to ensure preservation.

Additional Information

Guests must transfer from ECVs to available wheelchairs to experience the attraction.

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