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Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey is the ultimate Walt Disney World insider.  He’s a cheerful friend who will enhance a theme park visit with lots of timesaving tips and fun facts.

Pal Mickey is a huggable, talking Mickey Mouse that entertains and assists guests in each of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Pal Mickey helps guests get the most out of a Walt Disney World vacation by bringing each theme park to life as a helpful tour guide. The huggable plush toy offers reminders about parades and show times, shares stories and trivia, recommends attractions, plays games and tells guests where to locate Disney characters. Each 10 1/2-inch Pal Mickey responds in all of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

You can clip your Pal Mickey to your belt or waistband, using the pager-type clip provided, making sure Mickey is facing forward.  The current version of Pal Mickey also has a lanyard, too, for wearing him around your neck.

As you walk through the park, Mickey giggles and shakes when he has something to say. Just squeeze one of his hands or tummy within 15 seconds and listen. "Using infrared technology, Pal Mickey not only knows where he is in the parks, he knows where he's been, so he doesn't keep repeating the same information

"See the names written on those second-story windows?" Pal Mickey might say as guests stroll along Main Street, U.S.A. "Those folks helped Walt Disney build this Magic Kingdom!" In fact, the windows bear the names of key Disney cast members instrumental in the development of Walt Disney World Resort.

"Say, 'Fantasmic!' will be starting in about an hour," Pal Mickey might remind Disney's Hollywood Studios guests about the park's popular nighttime spectacular. "If ya wanna see it, now's a good time to go grab a seat!"

Pal Mickey keeps the whole family entertained with Disney jokes, trivia questions, sing-alongs and fun interactive games guests can initiate, whether waiting in line at the theme parks or relaxing in a hotel room - even back at home.

The innovative toy is available at select sites in Disney's four Florida theme parks and at merchandise locations in each of the Walt Disney World resort hotels.

Pal Mickey is also available in Spanish.  You can purchase him at the Magic Kingdom in the Main Street Cinema, Disney's Hollywood Studios in the Darkroom, Animal Kingdom at Disney Outfitters and Epcot in the Camera Center.  You can also get him at Once Upon A Toy at the Downtown Disney Marketplace

Pal Mickey is available for $65 plus tax.

Pal Mickey Attire

You can now buy clothing and costumes from Disney for your Pal Mickey, they are available from selected shops at WDW Resorts, parks, and Downtown Disney.

They are priced at $10 per set.

A selection of the type of outfits you can buy for Mickey are:
  • A yellow rain poncho and boots
  • A tourist outfit - comes with a Mickey Fan Club shirt which has velcro on the back (like the DVC and AP shirts do), fanny pack complete with working zipper, and a red hat.
  • A Safari Outfit with a hat, shirt/vest combo and binoculars.
  • A Pin Trading Outfit with pin trading bag and a black vest that has 2 "pins" permanently attached - Minnie and the pin trading logo. The Pin trading bag has a working zipper and when you open it there is a "pillow" inside that has "pins" which are actually stickers
  • Mickey Mouse Club outfit.

Pal Mickey Games

The original version of the toy provided a choice of three games, triggered by squeezing both of its hands at the same time.

That Isn't Here
Pal Mickey will choose a theme park and will speak the names of park attractions, and the player has to squeeze the toy's hand or tummy depending on whether or not that attraction is in the chosen park.

Mickey Says
This is similar to Simon Says. The player must only follow Pal Mickey's direction if it is preceded by "Mickey says".

Fast Friends
Pal Mickey will speak the names of Disney characters, and the player must respond to each in a specific way. For example, "when I say Goofy, squeeze my left hand." or "when I say the name of someone who can fly, squeeze my right hand."

New in 2005 for the revised version of Pal Mickey for the "Happiest Celebration on Earth"  had a total of six games. The original three games are triggered by squeezing the Mickey’s tummy and right hand at the same time.  The new games are triggered by squeezing hus tummy and left hand at the same time.

The new games are:

Follow Me
Again this is similar to Simon Says. The player has to repeat a sequence of actions as directed by Mickey, with one additional action being added to the sequence each time.

Try 'n' Keep Up
The player must react quickly to Pal Mickey's directions.

Repeating Myself
Pal Mickey will speak the names of Disney characters, and the player must squeeze its tummy if it repeats a name it has already said.


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