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Disney's Magical Express Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disney's Magical Express service?
Disney's Magical Express is a service that features complimentary shuttle and luggage delivery direct from Orlando International Airport to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel Guest room - and back to the airport. The magical part of this service is that Guests do not have to claim their luggage when they arrive at the airport. Disney’s Magical Express claims the luggage on your behalf and delivers it to your Resort room.
The complimentary service includes round-trip motor coach transportation and baggage handling between Orlando International Airport and the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as an expedited airline check-in process for return domestic flights on select airlines.
The inbound portion of the service into Orlando International Airport is available for all Disney resort guests, regardless of the airline they’ve selected - domestic and international flights.
The outbound portion of Disney’s Magical Express  - from a Disney Resort to Orlando International Airport, offers Resort Guests complimentary return transportation from their hotel to Orlando International Airport.
For those flying domestically on the following airlines -- American, Delta (including Song), Continental, and United (including Ted), Disney’s Magical Express also offers resort airline check-in that allows these Guests to check their luggage and receive their airline boarding passes at their Walt Disney World Resort. With this service, Guests with late flight departures no longer have to worry about their luggage after they check-out of their Resort; they can simply check their luggage at the Resort Airline Check-in Desk and then enjoy the last day of their stay.

What is the cost for this service?
Disney's Magical Express is a complimentary service for Walt Disney World Resort hotel Guests only.

How do I make a reservation for Disney's Magical Express service?
If you already have confirmed your room reservations, call 1-407-827-6777.   You will need to provide the information at least 30 days prior to arrival.

Can I book transportation upon arrival at the airport?
No. You must book your Disney's Magical Express reservation prior to arrival to fully benefit from the service and take advantage of complimentary luggage delivery to your Resort room.

Can I book return transportation to the airport?
Yes. You can book return transportation to the airport by calling Disney's Magical Express Guest Services. Each Resort will provide you with a phone number to call.

What if I change my airline flights?
Please contact 1-866-599-0951.

Where is the Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center at the Orlando International Airport?
The Disney's Magical Express Welcome Center at the Orlando International Airport is located on the airport’s "B" Side, Level 1. Disney's Magical Express Cast Members are available through much of the day on Level 2 at baggage claim to assist with directions. In addition, the Orlando International Airport has several paging telephones available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. that Guests may use to ask the airport operator for assistance. Guests also may call Disney's Magical Express at 866-599-0951.

Where is the pickup location for motor coach transportation at the airport?
You will be directed to the Disney Welcome Center located on Side B, Level 1.

What are the hours of operation for the Disney Welcome Center at the airport?
The hours are 6 am to 11 pm, but those hours will be extended to meet the flights of all guests who have booked Disney's Magical Express service, even if a flight is scheduled to arrive after 11 pm The Welcome Centre will also closely follow arrival information for flights that may be delayed.

How many stops will the motor coach make between the airport and my Resort hotel?
Anywhere from three to four stops are possible.

How will I know what time the motor coach leaves from my Resort hotel to the airport?
This is typically 3 hours prior to your flight departure for domestic flights and 4 hours prior to your flight departure for international flights.

Can I use this service if I am staying at the Swan or Dolphin or Hotels on Plaza Boulevard?
No, the Swan and Dolphin hotels, the seven hotels on or near Hotel Plaza Boulevard, and Shades of Green are not included

What is the travel time from the airport?
Once you depart the airport, the travel time to your WDW resort will be approximately 45-75 minutes.

When will I receive my Airport Transportation Booklet with luggage tags?
An Airport Transportation Booklet containing general information and luggage tags - to be attached prior to leaving home - will be mailed to the guest or travel agent/wholesaler approximately 21 days prior to arrival.
Disney's Magical Express now will mail the Airport Transportation Booklet and luggage tags only to Guests located in the United States and Canada.
In addition, Disney's Magical Express now will mail one luggage tag per person to Guests in the United States and Canada who are using the service. Guests in the United States and Canada who need additional luggage tags may contact Disney's Magical Express by calling 866-599-0951.

What if I have a Disney's Magical Express reservation but do not receive my luggage tags?
Double-check that you are in the Magical Express system, or have your travel agent do so.
If you have a Disney's Magical Express reservation but do not receive your booklet before you depart to the Walt Disney World Resort, you will still be eligible to participate in Disney's Magical Express service. Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, please see the Disney Representative at the Disney Welcome Centre (Side B, Level 1) and they will assist you. You do not need to claim your luggage. It will be collected for you and then delivered to your resort guest room.

I am arriving from the United Kingdom, can I still use Disney’s Magical Express?
Yes.  You check in as normal in the UK.  Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you collect your bags as normal from the first collection point and then go through customs.  You then put your bags back on the second conveyer.  Follow the signs through to the DME desk  and show your DME passes.  You will then be assigned to a queue for your bus which will take you to your resort.
Your bags will be delivered to your room.

Are Bell Service gratuities included for luggage delivery to my Resort room?
Yes, but only for inbound service and pre-tagged luggage. If you hand-carry your luggage onto the motor coach, gratuities are not included. Upon departure, gratuities are not included if you elect to use Bell Services for luggage assistance.

What if I miss my flight? Where will my luggage go?
If you check your luggage in time to make your originally scheduled flight, your bags are likely to make it to Orlando International Airport as scheduled, even if you miss your flight. Disney representatives will pull the bags and wait for you to arrive before forwarding them to your Resort.

When will my luggage arrive in my room?
Your luggage will be delivered after you check into the resort, however you do not need to be in your room at the time of the delivery. Bellman gratuities have already been covered and are not required from guests for inbound Disney's Magical Express luggage service. Guests should be aware that it may take up to four hours for luggage to be delivered to the resort room.

Is luggage service available 24 hours a day?
Since March 30, 2009, direct luggage service is not be available for guests arriving at Orlando International Airport between 10pm-5am. Guests arriving during these times will need to pick up their own luggage as normal and take it to the Magical Express Welcome Center where you can get the bus with your luggage.

What is Resort Airline Check-in?
This service offers remote check-in, allowing you to check your luggage and receive your airline boarding pass at the Resort. At this time, remote check-in service is only available for guests flying domestically on the following airlines: American, Continental, Jet Blue, Delta, Alaska, Northwest, and United (including Ted). Additional airlines may be added at a later date.

What do I do with my luggage if I'm not using the Resort Airline Check-In service?
Please take your luggage with you on the bus or other transportation you have arranged to return to the airport.

Where are the Resort Airline Check-in Desks located?
The dedicated check-in desk will be located in or near the lobby or outside the Resort entrance.

What are the hours of operation for the Resort Airline Check-in Desk?
5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

How many bags can I check-in?
Guests can only check-in one bag per passenger. Those with more than one bag each will need to check-in at the airport.

Do I need to ride the Disney's Magical Express motor coach to the airport in order to participate in the Resort Airline Check-in?
No. After utilizing the Resort Airline Check-in service, you can either take advantage of the complimentary motor coach transportation to the airport or arrange your own private transportation. Your checked luggage will be transported to the airport regardless of which transportation option you choose.

How early can I check-in for my flight using the Resort Airline Check-in Service?
You may check in up to 12 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.

How far in advance of the scheduled flight time do I need to check-in using the Resort Airline Check-in Service?
You must check in no less than 3 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.

If I am departing for an international destination, can I use this Resort Airline Check-in service?
No. You will need to check-in at Orlando International Airport. At this time, this service is only available for guests departing for domestic locations including Puerto Rico.



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