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Kilimanjaro Sunset Safari

Take part in this extraordinary event that begins with an African safari and ends with an exotic dinner.

Set off on a trek across 100 acres of African savannah where you'll view elephants, giraffes, lions, and many more animals on this rocky journey.

Enjoy your African feast in one of two dining locations:
Flame Tree Gardens, where guests can mingle beneath the bamboo while watching the softly flowing Discovery River.
Or Tamu Tamu Courtyard where the clear moonlight glistens on the white-coral walls.

Whichever you choose you'll be guaranteed a wonderful atmosphere, complemented by an elaborate buffet featuring traditional meals, which can be accompanied by your choice of beer, wine or specialty drinks.

Sample Timelines

5:00pm -- Guests arrive at Disney's Animal Kingdom where they are met by event guides and escorted to Kilimanjaro Safaris. There they will enjoy the last safari of the day.
5:30pm -- Guests enjoy a private event either at Flame Tree Gardens or Tamu Tamu Courtyard to include:
Buffet dinner (1 ½ hours)
Beverage service
Entertainment (elements vary in set time and length)
7:00pm -- event concludes


Buffet dinner at Tamu Tamu Courtyard with 100% existing restaurant seating -- 50 guests
Buffet dinner at Flame Tree Gardens with 100% existing restaurant seating -- 350 guests

Sample Pricing

Park venue package

Tamu Tamu Courtyard -- $250+
Flame Tree Gardens -- $500+


Kilimanjaro Safari Mix-in -- $15+ per person


Flame Tree Gardens Option: San Tropez (3 piece) -- $1,810
Tamu Tamu Courtyard Option: Wassalou (3 piece) -- $5,505

Food and Beverage

The Heart of Harambe Dinner Menu (1½ hours) -- $69.00++ per person
Package premium brands bar (1½ hours) -- $23.50++ per person


It's Tough to be a Bug -- $3,500+
Within the Tree of Life is a 430 seat 3D film/special effects theater for the showing of It's Tough to be a Bug!, a humorous and exciting adventure in the miniature world of insects. Be prepared to laugh! This attraction will be available all evening for your guests' pleasure.

Artistry of the Animals    $12,000
As the sun sets and the moon glows far above Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, stilt performers, fire eaters, musicians, and exotic mascots emerge from the dense fog. They celebrate the Artistry of Animals.Tonight, let your instincts run wild, as you too are transformed into party animals with the animal masks that are distributed. This act is perfect for an enhanced entrance, transition to a different area of the park or a perfect finale to a perfect evening at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Animal Keeper -- $450 each
The resident animal keeper will also be on hand to provide guests with an up-close and personal animal encounter, which could include birds, reptiles, invertebrates, or small mammals.

These authentic artists demonstrate crafts which have been handed down through the ages. As he or she creates the masterpieces, your guests will see how each craft enhances day-to-day life typical in an East African port village or from the islands in the Caribbean.
Basket weaver -- $960
Wood/Stone carver -- $1,065
Hair Braider -- $855

Cigar Rolling Demonstration -- $855
A lost talent is demonstrated before your guests' eyes as this individual rolls genuine Cuban cigars. Complete with an expert host knowledgeable in cigar making history.

Royal Drums of Africa - Tam Tam Congo - 5 piece -- $2,130
Tam Tam is the French word for "drum" or "gong." In Congolese Central Africa, the language has a significant role in ancient African philosophy of communication through music to cure, unify and entertain the community through vibrant, energetic song and dance. This group was brought together to expose all people to cultural awareness.

Sundowner Punch -- $9.00++ per drink
sundowner Punch / Safari Sharabu cocktails are made with various blends of fruit juices and complemented with rum. The cocktails are served in a plastic cup and garnished with a stick of sugar cane.

Terms and Conditions

Each location is subject to availability.

The minimum capacity for Tamu Tamu Courtyard is 20 guests.

The food and beverage minimum for a breakfast event at Tamu Tamu Courtyard is $2,500++.

The minimum capacity for Flame Tree Gardens is 20 guests.

The food and beverage minimum for a breakfast event at Flame Tree Garden is $3,500++.

++ indicates service charge (which is taxable) and sales tax (currently 21% and 6% respectively).

Due to animal care, should your group be delayed past the proposed safari start time, attraction experience will not be guaranteed.

Use of the Kilimanjaro Safaris is based upon the time of sunset and may not be available during certain times of the year.

Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Pricing may be confirmed 45 days in advance if an agreement is signed for the event.

Park venue package includes:
A reserved in-park venue and the services needed to ensure the venue is prepared specially for your group.
Specially trained event guides to greet and escort your group to and from the event location.
The event guides will remain with your group throughout the event (up to four hours) and assist with any special needs including directions and the distribution of raingear, maps and programs.

Attractions and entertainment are subject to change without notice.

The information above is based on projected park hours of 9am - 5pm. Park hours vary and are subject to change without notice.

Transportation is not included.

Capacities are based on maximum seating without additional elements, such as entertainment or decor.

There are limited entertainment elements available depending on the locations.



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