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Animal Kingdom Lodge Facts and Fun

Don't miss the night vision viewing of animals on the savanna every evening at Arusha Rock.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge houses the second largest hotel artwork collection in the world.

Refillable mugs are available from The Mara foodcourt, offering free drink refills for the whole of your stay.

The animals on the wildlife reserve roam freely on a 33-acre tropical savanna.

The 16-foot Ijele mask on display in the lobby of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is the first of its kind ever to leave Nigeria.

There are great spots for viewing the animals throughout the resort. The best viewing spots include: Arusha Rock, adjacent to the main lobby on the second floor; Sunset Overlook in the main lobby; and Uzima Overlook, located at the Uzima Pool area.

Increase your Swahili vocabulary! Habari is slang for "hello"; karibuni means "welcome"; uzima means "clear water" and asante sana means "thank you."

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge opened on April 16, 2001.

The animals on the wildlife reserve roam freely on a 33-acre tropical savanna.

Hidden Mickeys

Scavenger hunt enthusiasts: Be sure to pick up a "Hidden Mickey Safari" handout at the Front Desk or concierge.

On the lizard painting on the right hand-side wall, as you enter the resort.

On the carpets throughout the resort.

As you enter the lobby, look up at the second chandelier on the right.

There are two hidden Mickeys to be seen in the rocks that support the slide at the swimming pool.

At Arusha Rock overlook, find the giraffes carved into the rock and look for the hidden Mickey near the center of the large giraffe.

As you walk down the stairs from the lobby to Boma and Jiko, look at the rock formation for a Hidden Mickey.

On the vines that cover the back entrance to the Lodge.



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