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Animal Kingdom Lodge Essential Information

Leave your credit card details at check-in, and you can charge most things throughout WDW to your room card.
Leaving your credit card details also enables you to take advantage of express check-out .

If you want to request a certain room location, do so when you make the reservation. Requested locations may include: non-smoking, wheelchair accessible, near to the lobby, on a certain 'trail', on a certain floor. Requests, unless for medical reasons, are not guaranteed.

A newspaper is delivered to each guest room daily.

Valet parking is available for $7 a day.

Luggage assistance when arriving and leaving is available at bell services.

You may check your luggage at the Front Desk even if your room is not ready, so that you may be free to enjoy the Walt Disney World Resort. A staff member will deliver them when your room becomes available.

After you check out, you may leave your luggage with Bell Services until you're ready to depart.

Purchase a refillable mug from Mara, for free drink refills for the duration of your stay.

There is an ATM located next to Sunset Overlook, in the main lobby area, just past the front desk.

The lobby is on the third floor, and restaurants on the first floor. To get to Jiko, Boma, Mara and the pool, use the elevators or staircase on the right hand side of the lobby as you enter.

The animals are more active on the savannahs in the early morning, and at sunset.

Each savannah is closed for a couple of hours each day for cleaning, but there will always be a minimum of two savannahs open at any one time.

Please refrain from feeding the animals, or dropping anything into the animal areas.

There are overlook points throughout the resort where you can view the animals on the savannahs.

Guests are advise to close their curtains for privacy, as there are CCTV cameras located on the outside of the building for the safety of the animals.

The pool is open 24 hours a day, but the slide is closed after 10pm, and there are no lifeguards on duty after 10pm.

Towels are provided at the pool for guest use.

Balloons are not allowed in the Resort for the safety of the animals. Bell Services will store balloons bought in the parks until you leave.

There are no straws available at the restaurants or food court for the safety of the animals.

There are laundry rooms located on the first floor, next to Simba's Clubhouse, and on the second floor on the Kudu Trail.

There is a laundry and dry-cleaning service available, price lists and bags can be found in your room.

There is a mailbox next to Sunset Overlook, in the main lobby area, just past the front desk. Stamps are available from Zawadi Marketplace.

If you purchase anything at the four main parks, or Downtown Disney, you can have it delivered back to the resort for no charge. It will be available to pick up the next day at Zawadi Marketplace.

There are ice and vending machines located at each atrium and next to the elevators.



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