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Coronado Springs Resort Facts and Fun

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort was named for Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, a 16th-century Spanish explorer. In 1540, he set sail for the New World in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola and their fabled riches of gold. He never found the legendary riches, but members of his group became the first Europeans to reach the Grand Canyon.

Increase your Spanish vocabulary! La Fuente de las Palomas translates to "Fountain of the Doves"; Lago Dorado means "Lake of Gold"; el sol is the sun; a casita is a little house; a tienda is a store; and an arroyo is a stream.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort opened on August 1, 1997.

Hidden Mickeys

On the wooden doors at the entrance.

Mickey is pictured sat in the bus on the sign at the bus stop.

On the walls at the entrance to the Dig Site pool.

On the gate at the exit to the Pepper Market.

At the marina, there is a hidden Mickey chipped into the cement, just near to where the Surrey bikes are parked.


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