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Bambi Facts

Bambi was intended to be Disney's second animated feature film, and pre-production began in 1936. But Walt's quest for perfection delayed the production, and four other films were completed and released before Bambi.

Various animated sequences from Bambi were reused in other Disney feature films. Bambi and his mother appear in The Rescuers. Bambi's mother appears in the very first shot of Beauty and the Beast, and also in The Sword in the Stone, and The Jungle Book.

Some of the scenes in the film (woodland creatures and the forest fire) are actually unused footage from Pinocchio.

Donnie Dunagan was the model for Bambi's facial expressions, and also provided the voice of Bambi (boy).

In an early script, Bambi was to be shot, but instead Walt Disney changed it so that Bambi's mother was shot instead.

This is one of the few Disney films where the songs are not sung by any of the characters. Instead they are sung by a choir or soloist.

Bambi lost money on it's original box office run. It was only during the 1947 re-release that it started to recoup it's cost.


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