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Incredibles Facts

The code title for the film during production was "Tights."

The film is set in a city called Metroville, a combination of Metropolis, where Superman lives, and Smallville, where he was raised.

The name of the island in the film is Nomanisan Island.

Mr Incredible's location on the island when Elastigirl is trying to find him, is Level A1, Cell Block 13 -- A113 is often used in Pixar films, as it was the room number where many of the animators were trained at California Institute of the Arts.

When the robber is emptying the woman's purse at the beginning of the film, a Mr Incredible Pez dispenser is among the items scattered on the ground.

Syndrome's plan is called the Kronos Project, named after the 1957 movie Kronos.

The villain in the film was originally going to be called Xerek.

Elastigirl's pilot call sign is India-Golf-Nine-Nine, or IG99, a reference to director Brad Bird's film The Iron Giant.

The code to Edna's Lab is 6395742.

Originally, villain Bomb Voyage was called Bomb Perignon, but the champagne maker wouldn't provide the legal rights for them to use the name.

The superheroes listed in the Kronos database are Universal Man, Psycwave, Everseer, Macroburst, Phylange, Blazestone, Downburst, Hyper Shock, Apogee, Blitzerman, Tradewind, Vectress, Gazerbeam, Stormicide, Gamma Jack, ElastiGirl, Frozone, and Mr. Incredible.

Jack-Jack is the nickname Brad Bird had for one of his sons.


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