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Monsters Inc. Facts

The film became the top-selling DVD/VHS for that year in 2002.

It was released with the Pixar animated short "For the Birds," which went on to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

There are over 2.3 million hairs on Sulley.

It took an average of 11-12 hours to render a single frame of Sulley, because of the number of hairs on him.

There is a button labeled FIZT on the door mechanism controls. Fiz-T was the latest software developed by Pixar so that they could render the physical models to look realistic.

Boo's real name is Mary, and the child actress that voiced her was Mary Gibbs.

Mary Gibbs was too young to stand still and record her lines, so the producers followed her around the studio with a microphone, and cut her lines together from what she said whilst playing.

Sulley and Mike pass "Tony's Grossery" on their way to work.

When Boo knocks down the stack of DVDs in Sulley's apartment , she is holding "A Bug's Life" DVD.

There are old Disneyland posters in some of the children's bedrooms, and also in the Monstropolis travel store.

In drafts, Sulley was just a helper, was called "Johnson" and had brown fur.

When Boo is in the restroom she "sings" to the tune of Beauty and the Beast.

When Sulley is going to say goodbye to Boo she hands him a Jessie doll (from Toy Story 2) and a Nemo toy (from Finding Nemo).


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