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The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros is made up of four short films, interspersed with live-action footage of Latin American songs and dancing.

The story follows Donald Duck receiving a 16mm projector as a birthday gift from his Latin American amigos, José Carioca, the parrot, and Panchito, the Mexican charro rooster.

Using the projector, he views "The Cold-Blooded Penguin," about Pablo Penguin who flees the cold for a tropical isle and then misses the winter. Next is "The Flying Gauchito," about a racing donkey with wings, then "Baia," in which Donald and José go to Baia, meet a cookie girl, and dance; and "La Piñata", in which Donald learns of Las Posadas, the children's procession before Christmas, and finds friendly shelter and the breaking of the piñata.

71 minutes long.

Release Date

February 3, 1945.

Re-released in 1977.
Released on video in 1982.

Cast List

Directed By:
Norman Ferguson

Written By:
James Bodrero
Homer Brightman


You Belong To My Heart
The Three Caballeros

Fun Facts

The world premiere was held on December 21, 1944 in Mexico City.
Disney introduced cartoon characters into the real world for the first time in this film.
To achieve the special effects, Disney used rear projection to project the animated characters onto a 14x20 foot screen, with the live actors performing on stage in front of them.
Carmen Miranda's sister, Aurora, dances with Donald Duck in the "Baia" sequence.
The film was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1945: Best Music, Scoring Of A Musical Picture; and Best Sound, Recording.




DVD & Soundtrack

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DVD Bonus Features

  • "Don's Fountain Of Youth" Cartoon
  • "Pueblo Pluto" Cartoon
  • Theatrical Trailer


Walt Disney's miracle musical feature.
Thrilling Beyond Words! Amazing Beyond Belief!


The map of Chile has several placenames spelt wrongly - Valparaiso is "Valpraiso" and the Juan Fernandez Islands are "Juan Ferndez Islands".

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