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Toy Story Facts

Look out for the book "Tin Toy" on the bookshelf behind Woody early on in the film and you might see director John Lasseter's name on the book spine.

Songs in the film were by Randy Newman.

When the characters blink, their eyes don't blink together, but one at a time.

The opportunity to voice Buzz Lightyear was originally offered to Billy Crystal.

When Buzz is knocked out of the window, there are several references made to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

When Buzz and Woody and hanging onto the truck near the end of the movie, "Hakuna Matata" is playing on the car radio.

The company selling Andy's house, as shown on the realtor sign, is "Virtual Realty."

In order to get the toy soldiers' movement right, the animators walked around wearing sneakers that had been glued to sheets of wood.

Pizza Planet was originally to be called Pizza Put, and be a combination of a pizza restaurant and mini-golf course.

Andy's mother's car license plate read A111 & A113, the same as used in many Disney films, including Lilo & Stitch and Cars. The numbers are a reference to rooms at California Institute of the Arts, which is where many of the animators were educated.


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