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Toy Story 2 Facts

Al McWhiggin's apartment building is a 23-story 1930s art deco high-rise.

A Bug's Life calendar hangs on the wall in Andy's room.

Just before Buzz cuts through a branch, Heimlich from A Bug's Life can be seen crawling up it.

There are A Bug's Life toys on display in Al's Toy Barn.

Wheezy the penguin is a tribute to Tux, the Linux mascot.

Etch-A-Sketch draws a map to Al's Toy Barn at 1001 West Cutting Boulevard. That is the address of Pixar Animation Studios, in Richmond, California.

When Hamm is flipping between TV channels looking for the Al's Toy Barn commercial, many of the images seen are from previous Pixar projects.

The cleaner who restored Woody was in the Pixar short "Geri's Game," and a reference to this can be seen when he opens the mini chest drawers, when the middle drawer contains chess pieces.

The dust in the scene where Woody meets Wheezy on the shelf set a record for the number of particles animated by computer for a movie.

The issue of Life magazine with Woody and Bullseye on the cover is dated January 12, 1957, which is John Lasseter's birthday.

British television presenter Andi Peters can be briefly heard in the film. He was making a documentary on the making of Toy Story 2, and John Lasseter offered him one line in the film as the baggage handler who shouts "Hold it! There's a couple more bags coming from the terminal."

Many of the sound effects used in the opening sequence, where Buzz is on an alien planet battling Emperor Zurg, are from the Star Wars trilogy.

Disney wanted to use a Barbie doll in the original Toy Story film (instead of Bo Peep), but Mattel refused to license the character to them. But when the movie proved to be so popular Mattel had a change of heart and agreed to let them use Barbie in Toy Story 2.

Just before the toys cross the street, an Eggman Movers van drives by, the same moving van that was used in Toy Story.


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