A Look at the New Toy Story Playland at Disneyland Paris

A Look at the New Toy Story Playland at Disneyland Paris

The much awaited new land at Walt Disney Studios,Toy Story Playland, will open its gates on August 17th at 9:45 am.

Set in Toon Studios, Toy Story Playland at Disneyland Paris will be the first Toy Story-based land in any Disney theme park in the world.Visitors will feel like they’ve been shrunk tothe size of a toy as they are surrounded by giant toys including a four-meter-tall Buzz Lightyear at the entrance, a wall of dominoes, giant Tinkertoys®, Lincoln Logs®, a ball and jacks, children’s blocks, a balsa wood plane and other nostalgic playthings. The landscape features 9-meter-tall bamboo and New Zealand flax that mimics a manicured lawn.

Three new attractions will be featured:

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
Attention! Your mission -join Andy’s troops for a high flying adventure -Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. When Sarge yells “Go! Go! Go!” , hold on tight as you fall from way up high in a simulated parachute drop. Over and out!!
Height restriction 0.81m.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
Everyone’s tongues and tails are wagging about the all-new “zigzag-a-coaster” Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin. Family pups of all sizes will howl with laughter as they join Slinky in a rollicking spin to catch his own tail. Guests will settle inside the circles of Slinky and will go up or down.

RC Racer
Andy’s speediest toy car is sure to get you and your family’s adrenaline pumping. RC Racer is the most thrilling new ride in Toy Story Playland. Race along a 25 metre-high half-pipe coaster, as RC zooms you around at full speed…it’s a real gas.
Height restriction 1.2m.

oToy Story Playland is inspired by Disney•Pixar’sToy Story
oSlinky®Dog is a registered trademark of Poof-Slinky, Inc. All rights reserved.
oHot Wheels® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc. Hot Wheels® Trademark and Track Used With Permission ©2009 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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