Custom Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

Custom Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

Here’s a look at some of the customized souvenirs you can buy from Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World.

Ear Hats

Don’t like any of the standard ear hats on sale at WDW? Then create your own! First choose a base, then ears, patches, and finally have your name embroidered onto the hat.

Bases — $4.95 + $5.95 each
Ears — $2.50 + $3.50 each
Patches — $2.95 each
Embroidery — $3.00 each

Mr Potato Head

Fill one of the blue boxes with as many pieces as you can for $19.95 (the lid must shut properly). Many different pieces are available, and the selections on offer change every so often.

Fit as many pieces as you can inside Mr Potato Head before putting him in the box, and with a bit of careful packing you can maximise the amount you can fit in. Alternatively, buy a cheap Mr Potato Head base elsewhere and just fill the box with the Disney pieces here.


Fill your own Mr Potato Head case $46.95

An offer on when we were there last month – Receive a Dumbo Mr Potato Head piece with any build your own Mr Potato Head.

Charm Bracelets

Every little princess loves jewelry, and what better than a “make your own charm bracelet”? Little girls will love choosing from the many different charms available.

Costs can soon mount up, but you can just buy the bracelet and two or three charms, and promise to buy one or two more on each subsequent visit.

Charm bracelet $6.95
Charm necklace $8.95
Charms $3.95

Light Saber

Budding Jedis will jump at the chance to assemble their own custom light saber at Once Upon a Toy.

Single $19.95
Double $22.95

2 thoughts on “Custom Souvenirs at Walt Disney World

  1. I am in search of a sterling silver Mr. Potato Head Charm, similar to the cuff links that were sold in you stores several years ago. Could you please tell me if you have anything like that or can direct me to where I might find one or two or three? Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know where I can get the pieces, ceremic besides the Disney parks to build a keychain body part for example tinkerbell . I got at Disneyland the wings, the shoes and letters that I put on a keychain after I strung them, Are these Only at the Parks? I have been looking online for Months and Only found Mickey, Thanks Anyone

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