How to Make a Cinderella Coach Birthday Cake

I made this Cinderella Coach cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday recently and thought I’d share with you how I made it.

Cinderella Coach birthday cake

At least 2 days before assembling the cake you need to make the wheels as they need time to harden. Get some white or ivory fondant (sugarpaste) and knead in gum tragacanth or CMC powder, according to instructions. Make sure it’s well mixed in. Wrap the fondant tightly in a sealed plastic bag and place in sealed container, ensuring no air can get to it. Leave for at least 8 hours if using gum tragacanth powder. Alternatively you can buy ready made modeling paste.

Before starting I did a rough drawing of the coach, using the cake pan for the main coach circle. I then drew the wheels, door, etc.

It’s best to use a sugarcraft gun (or clay extruder gun) to make long rolls for this part. If you don’t have one you can roll out long strips by hand, but it won’t be as even. Use a large hole attachment in the extruder gun and push down to make long rolls of fondant.

Place a piece of baking paper over the coach drawing so you can see through it.

Work quickly before the fondant starts to go hard. Wind the roll of fondant around to form the wheel shape. Do the other wheel then put aside to dry overnight.

Repeat the process for the other coach parts – those that hold the wheels on, the side spirals and top spirals. Use a slightly smaller circle extruder gun attachment for the spirals. A few hours before assembling the cake, you need to attach the wheel supports to the wheels using a small amount of royal icing.

At least a few hours before making the actual cake, cover the cake board in fondant and leave to go hard.

For the cake itself you need a ball shape, or two pudding bowls. I used the Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set. This comes as two halves which are cooked separately then sandwiched together with frosting. The recipe I used for the cake was the same as for an 8-inch round pan, and had a bit left over. Fill as near the top of each pan as possible, then when it’s cooked, slice the top off before removing the cake from the pan, then you’ll have a level surface.

To balance the cake on, I made a small circle with Rice Krispie treat mix (Rice Krispies and melted marshmallows.)

Once the cake has cooled and you’ve sandwiched together with frosting (buttercream), attach the Rice Krispie circle to the cake drum with a small amount of frosting, then place the cake on top using frosting again.

You then need to carefully carve out eight ridges at equal distance around the cake.

Next, cover the cake in frosting (buttercream) and refrigerate for around an hour, or until it has hardened.

Take out of refrigerator and cover in another layer of frosting, this will help the fondant to stick to it.

Color a quantity of fondant icing pale pink (I used a 454g pack and had some leftover). Roll out into a circle on a board, until big enough to cover the ball.

Carefully cover the ball, smoothing into the ridges to create the pumpkin effect.

At this stage, you can dust edible lustre powder over the whole ball. If you wait until the icing has dried out it won’t stick.

Now it’s time for the wheels to go on! Using royal icing, attach the wheels to the ball and to the base. You’ll need to support them with something (I used small bottles and pots) until dried.

I only placed wheels at the front of the cake, but you can have them on both sides if you wish.

Cut an oval shape from white or ivory rolled fondant and attach to the front of the coach using royal icing or sugar glue.

Then cut a smaller half oval out of baking paper, and use as a template to cut out pink rolled fondant to stick on for the bottom door.

Using the template as a guide, cut and shape a pair of drapes (curtains) from pink rolled fondant. Draw lines on using a tool.

For the top spirals that you made a few days ago, poke four small holes in the top of the cake, and fix spirals into place using a small blob of royal icing.

Cut two small flowers from white rolled fondant using a plunger cutter. Stick to the drapes, and add a tiny squashed ball of pink fondant in the centers.

For the side spirals, again poke two holes in and secure them using royal icing. You will need to support until dried.

I forgot to take a photo of making the glass slipper, but I made it from modeling paste (fondant + gum tragacanth) a few days in advance. Then I painted it with confectioner’s glaze and sprinkled lustre powder onto it.

For the pillow, I simply shaped a square cushion shape, with rounded edges, from pink fondant. Rolled a long sausage of white fondant, which I attached around the edge, and used a tool to make diagonal indentations. For the tassels, I used the extruder gun with the multiple tiny holes disc, bunched them together and attached to each corner using a small amount of royal icing.

To finish off the door, I piped a “C” onto it.

The step was made from a small rectangle of ivory rolled fondant.

The glass slipper on the pillow was stuck down in front of the coach to finish it off.

You can edge the cake drum with satin ribbon for a professional finish.

Here is my finished cake with my daughter’s name on, made from modeling paste coloured with silver powder.

Here is a video guy showing how easy it is to make a Cinderella Carriage cake for a young girl’s birthday party.

The Best Disney Cruise Line Tips

Thinking of cruising with Mickey? Check out our pick of the best tips to help get the most out of your Disney cruise…

If you’ve never cruised before and aren’t sure whether you’ll like it or not, try the 4-night cruise to start with. In my opinion, the 3-night is too short, and the 4-night includes a day at sea for you to relax and explore the onboard activities. If you decide you like cruising Disney-style you can go for a 7-night or longer next time!

Book early. The earlier you book the cruise, the more you’ll save and better the room you’ll get.

If you want a better room than you pay for, check out the “secret porthole” and “secret verandah” staterooms, but you’ll need to book early as there aren’t many!

If you are a family of 5 or more, you can save money by booking two Category 9 or 10 connecting staterooms rather than one of the more expensive Category 4 or higher staterooms. Just make sure you request connecting staterooms when booking.

Book with a Disney specialist travel agency. They’ll be able to get you the best possible deal and usually have onboard credit offers, giving you free $$ to spend onboard.

Make advance reservations online. Check out our guide of when you’ll be able to pre-book things like Palo, Flounder’s Reef Nursery and excursions online, and stick to it. You’ll be in with the best chance of getting the reservations you want to and won’t have to worry about rushing to make bookings on embarkation day.

Port Canaveral

Do online check-in prior to embarkation day. Fill in the online forms and pre-register a credit card which will save a bit of time at port.

On embarkation day, try to arrive at Port before 11am. The earlier you arrive, the earlier you’ll get onboard and be first in line to make any remaining reservations.

Take a carry-on bag with everything you’ll need, including a change of clothes for dinner if you’re on the main dining seating. Luggage is normally delivered to staterooms in good time, but just in case your bags don’t arrive in time for you to get ready. Also pack swimwear if you fancy a dip, as the pools are usually quiet on embarkation afternoon.

Mickey Pool

Don’t miss the mandatory lifeboat drill. It’s a legal requirement and anyone who doesn’t attend will get in trouble with the Captain!

For the sail away party, go up on deck 10 for a great view of the partying on deck 9. Look out for the Cast Members in the Port building waving goodbye to you with their giant Mickey hands!

CMs waving goodbye at port

Read the Personal Navigator which you’ll find in your room each day. It lists every single activity for that day, character greeting locations, and opening times. Take a different colored highlighter pen for each person in your party then they can each highlight which activities they want to do on the Navigator. Extra copies of Personal Navigators are available from Guest Services.

Make sure to note the dress code for the restaurant each night, which can be found on your Personal Navigator.

Animator’s Palette

Various presentations are held during the cruise, such as shopping and debarkation talks. There’s no need to attend these as they are repeated on the stateroom TV.

Don’t wait until the end of your cruise to pay gratuities when everyone else will have the same idea and the line will be long! You can visit Guest Services at any time to pay them.

The fast food places such as Pluto’s Dog House and Pinocchio’s Pizzeria are open for most of the day if you want a bite to eat between meals or late-night snack. Topsider’s (Magic) and Beach Blanket Buffets (Wonder) are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day if you don’t want to dine at one of the table service restaurants.

The self-service beverage station on deck 9 is open 24 hours a day and offers complimetary soft drinks as well as tea and coffee.

Beverage station

Make use of room service – it’s free! Get breakfast in your room if you want to get an early start on port days. You can use stuff to take on excursions for lunch (soft drinks and bottled water cost). Sandwiches and cookies can be ordered and used to take for lunch on excursions, saving money on buying food in port. The only things you’ll have to pay for through room service are soft drinks, alcohol and snacks such as candy and popcorn.

Buy a case of bottled water and take it onboard. Bottled water packages are available onboard but will cost much more than supermarket prices.

On port days, if you’re not interested in that particular port or have visited before, stay onboard! It’ll be much quieter, the pools and spa are open, as are the snack places, and somewhere will be open for lunch. Activities and tours (such as the bridge tour) are also offered.

When visiting ports, stick to the main tourist areas. Street crime is common in some places, with tourists being easy targets. Leave valuables onboard the ship in your room safe, and keep a very close eye on any you take ashore. Wear bags across your body and don’t put money or wallets in back trouser pockets.

Before going to each port, write down the phone number of the ship’s agent, which you can find on that day’s Personal Navigator. Keep it with you in case of emergency if something goes wrong while you’re in port.

On Castaway Cay day, I’d recommend getting off the ship as soon as you’re allowed to. You’ll get first pick of the beach chairs (& parasols!), and if you’re interested in snorkeling, it’s best to do it early before the sand gets disturbed and vision reduced.

Castaway Cay

If you do want to go snorkeling and have your own equipment, take it with you to avoid paying rental fees on Castaway Cay.

Don’t forget that food and non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary on Castaway Cay. There’s a beverage station just near Cookie’s BBQ, which offers buffet lunch.

Cookie’s BBQ

If you don’t have any kids with you, escape to the adults-only beach on Castaway Cay.

If you think you’ll want to buy photos taken onboard, buy one of the packages early on. They save a lot of money on individual prices and if, by the end of the cruise, you change your mind and don’t need the package you can get a full refund.

Encourage your kids to take part in the Oceaneer Club and Lab, as they’ll get to attend a graduation ceremony at the end of the cruise, when they’ll receive a cute mouse ears mortar board.

Last, but not least, check out our comprehensive guide to Disney Cruise Line, which will tell you everything you need to know about cruising with Disney, with menus, photos, stateroom details, and much more!