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Cabanas Nassau Day Lunch Menu

Parmesan cheese
Kalamata olives
Baby spinach
Island pork salad with pineapple
Slice tomato
Cucumber & dill in sour cream dressing
Slice green and red peppers
Slice buffalo mozzarella
Diced cheddar cheese
Brie cheese
Slice alpine ham
Balsamic sobresata
Chili flake
Shaved parmesan

Green lip mussels
Cocktail sauce
Crab claws
Lemon wedges
Marie rose

Mix vegetables - broccoli, carrot, cauliflower
Steak fries

Carved Honey glazed ham
Roasted beef striploin
Griddled veal steak

Vine tomato pizza with basil
Italian smoked sausage pizza

Jerk marinated pork loin
Rice and beans
Stuffed Andalucia chicken
Butter bean and carrots
Beef with cashew

Shrimps with sweet capsiums
Rosemary and thyme polenta cakes
Baked feta stuffed zucchini

Pennette bolognaise
Orzo pasta with spinach pesto and cherry tomatoes

Saki Maki
Tuna Nigiri
California Maki

Buttered green peas
French fries
Macaroni and cheese

Bread rolls
Wholemeal bread
Sundried tomato roll

Fresh whole fruit

Fruit salad
Blueberry parfait
Pumpkin cake
Cranberry cheesecake
Carrot cake
White and dark chocolate towers

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