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Tunis Tips

The official languages are Arabic and French, although English is widely spoken.

The currency is the Tunisian dinar. It is illegal to take the currency out of the country, so if you exchange currency for the dinar whilst in Tunis, you will need to return it to a bank before leaving. Currency can be exchanged in banks, or withdrawn from ATMs, which can be found at most tourist attractions. Major credit cards are widely accepted.

Service charges are not included and it's standard practice to tip 10% in addition to the final bill.

Bargaining in the town's main shops is standard practice, and it's regarded as rude not to complete the deal when a fair price has been reached.

Taxis from the dock into the city are readily available, but it can be difficult to find a return cab. An alternative is to hire a cab for an hourly rate. Metered taxis are yellow, but can usually only accommodate a maximum of three passengers. Private taxis can take more than four passengers, or there are louages which take five passengers but don't leave until full.

An alternative way to get around is by bus. There are two bus stations in town, with Gare Bab el Fellah serving southern destinations and Gare Bab Saadoun serving those to the north.

A light metro system is also available. The interchange hub for all four lines is in the center of town at Place de la République/Place de Barcelone.

Pick-pocketing and petty theft can be common in tourist areas and common sense is advised when it comes to safety - don't carry large amounts of cash, or important documents (passport, etc), keep wallets in front pockets, and be vigilent in crowded places.


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