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Character Greeting Tips

To find out where you're most likely to see characters that day, check the Park Times Guide for locations and times.

If there is a particular character you want to meet, stop by Guest Relations at the park and ask if they'll be making an appearance that day.

Lines at character greeting areas can get very long, so the best time to visit is early morning or later in the day.

When waiting in line to meet a character, get ready by having your autograph book open at the right page, your pen ready, and camera switched on.

Some characters are unable to sign autograph books, and may have a stamp instead (apart from King Louie).

Characters always have a character greet Cast Member nearby, who are always willing to take your photo with the character (using your camera).

Characters need to take regular breaks, so try to be patient if the character greeter says they are going for a short break.

Face characters (Cinderella, Snow White, etc) can all speak and interact with guests, so don't be shy about engaging them in conversation!

Don't let children pull on parts of a character, such as it's tail.

Remember that some children may get frightened by large characters, and forcing them to meet a character can leave a child with a bad memory of the experience. Instead, try to build up their contact with characters gradually, starting with a wave from a distance.

For a chance to meet a selection of characters without having to wait in line, try one of the many character meals available.


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