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Single strollers are available for daily rental in both parks. Double strollers are not available.
Guests are also welcome to take their own strollers into the parks.

Rental Locations

Disneyland® Park:
Strollers can be rented inside the Main Entrance and at the Star Trader in Tomorrowland.

Disney's California Adventure® Park
Strollers can be rented inside the Main Entrance in Golden Gateway and in Condor Flats at Fly 'n' Buy.

Downtown Disney® District:
Stroller rentals are not offered in Downtown Disney® District.


Daily fee - $10.00

Two strollers - $18.00


If you're visiting more than one park on the same day, hold onto your rental ticket and pick up another stroller at the next park.

If you plan on leaving the park for a break, and don't want to risk there being no strollers available when you return, put something on your stroller to identify it (tie scarf on handle, put towel on seat), and leave it by an attraction that is near the park entrance.

Don't leave any valuables in the stroller.

Put something on your stroller so it's easily identifiable, such as a bright piece of clothing, or towel.

If it's raining, put some sort of cover over your stroller if you leave it outside to go in an attraction.

If someone else walks off with your stroller, you can get a replacement at one of the locations listed above (subject to availability & only with rental receipt).

The strollers can be quite uncomfortable to sit in for long periods as the seats are hard. Take a blanket or folded up towel with you for the child to sit on.

You can take your own strollers into the parks. The type that fold up easily are best if you're going to be using Disney transportation. Only collapsible strollers are allowed onto Disney transportation.

Strollers can and do run out at the Parks, especially during peak times. Arrive early if you want to be guaranteed a stroller.


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