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Hidden Attractions at Disneyland Park

Main Street, U.S.A.

Pick up one of the old fashioned phones in the Market House store and listen in on a party line.

Listen to the noises coming from the second floor windows near where the lockers are located.

Check out the Partners statue at the hub, and the Mickey ring that Walt is wearing.

The original center of Disneyland is marked by a brass spike head which is embedded in the ground at the entrance to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

To the right at the front of Sleeping Beauty Castle is Snow Whites Grotto & Wishing Well, where if you listen carefully you'll be able to hear Snow White singing "I'm Wishing." Throw a coin into the well and make a wish!

Read the names on the second floor windows of Main Street buildings. They are all names of people connected in some way with Disneyland or the Disney Company.

At the end of each afternoon, a flag retreat ceremony is held in Main Street Square. A marching band performs a selection of patriotic tunes before the American flag is lowered.


Pay 50c to work the Shrunken Head machine in the Bazaar shops.

The truck at the entrance of the Indiana Jones Adventure is the actual truck used in the first movie.

In the obelisk room on Indiana Jones Adventure, the initials of the Imagineers who worked on the ride are written on the wall in Mara code.

In the queue for Indiana Jones Adventure, in the spike room, push on the bamboo pole to make the ceiling drop.


Look for the petrified tree near to the Rivers of America.

Check out the horseshoe prints in the pathway.

In the Railroad Station, listen to the telegraph clicks which is transmitting Walt's Disneyland opening day speech.

New Orleans Square

At Le Bat en Rouge, turn the key on the cage and the witch will talk to you.

Near the Blue Bayou, listen to sounds coming from the second floor windows, which include a woman telling her birds not to sing the Tiki Room song.

Read the tombstones in Haunted Mansion's pet cemetary.


Look up at the window above Snow White's Scary Adventures. Around every 30 seconds the wicked queen appears.

Look in the mirror on the back wall in the Mad Hatter store.

Listen to the Peter Pan and Wendy talking about their trip to Neverland, which can be heard coming from the second floor window between the entrance and exit for Peter Pan's Flight.

On the quarter hour, wooden dolls representing different cultures parade out of the giant clock on the "it's a small world" facade. Once all of the dolls are out, the doors open to reveal two large toy blocks, one showing the hour, the other the minutes. The bell then tolls to signal the time.

Mickey's Toontown

Open the mailboxes, and press the doorbells.

In the front room of Minnie's house, look for the copy of "Jessica's Secret" catalog on the chair.

Open the door at Toontown Power Company.

Drink the "Goofy Water" from the drinking fountains at Goofy's Gas Station.


Look out for the talking trash can.

Most of the plants in Tomorrowland are edible.


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