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Pixar Play Parade

All the exciting and colorful worlds of the Disney•Pixar pals – from “Toy Story,” “a bug’s life,” “Monsters, Inc.,” “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles,” “Cars” and “Ratatouille” come to life in “Pixar Play Parade.”

Characters from every Disney•Pixar motion picture appear in the magical immersive parade, which invites guests of all ages to take part in the playfulness of a whirling, spinning, fun-for-all animated playground. The parade features acrobatics, bungees, high-energy choreography, interactive surprises and lively bubble and water effects.

Encouraging everyone to dance, play and clap along, Mike, Sulley and their monster buddies from “Monsters, Inc.” lead the procession. Even sourpuss Roz puts in an appearance – and what an appearance! Shes the drum major, slithering her way down the parade route.

Next up is a flowerbed of hopping, swinging bugs: the colony from “a bug’s life.” Then “The Incredibles” zoom into view, superhero style, aboard amazing hovercrafts. But watch out! The sinister Omnidroid is on the loose and baby Jack-Jack could burst into flames at any moment!

From there it’s into the bubbling world of Dory, Marlin, Crush, Bloat and the colorful underwater friends from “Finding Nemo,” who invite everyone to “play in schools” (schools of fish, that is). “Ratatouille’s” Remy and Emile are serving up fun, too, turning their kitchen into a super soapy pool of creativity with kids and families as the main ingredients.

Woody and the “Toy Story” gang arrive next to encourage guests to kick up their heels, while Buzz Lightyear and the Little Green Aliens celebrate just how “universal” play can be, in any galaxy. Finally, after the parade has been revving up guests throughout the route, lovable Mater and his flashy buddy Lightning McQueen from “Cars” will bring up the rear.
About this Attraction

Location: Begins at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot entrance, runs through Sunshine Plaza, Golden State, and finishes in Paradise Pier, near the Orange Stinger.

Type: Parade

Duration: 20 minutes

Best time to visit: Check the park Times Guide, available at the Main Entrance, for parade time.

Tips & Fun Facts

Best viewing areas are in the Golden State or Paradise Pier. Seats can be found outside the Golden Vine Winery or Bakers Field Bakery.
The parade floats spray water, so you may get a light sprinkling!

The parade debuted on March 14, 2008 and replaced Block Party Bash.
“Pixar Play Parade” features a dozen parade floats up to two stories tall, themed to Disney•Pixar movies and equipped with fun and surprising movement and effects.
The cast and crew number more than 100, and behind the scenes is a creative team of top entertainment professionals including Emmy-nominated director Fred Tallaksen (a choreographer for Madonna and numerous television and stage productions), puppet designer Michael Curry (of “The Lion King” on Broadway), costume designer Mirena Rada (“Avenue Q”) and composers Matthew Girard and Robbie Nevil (“High School Musical”).
Girard and Nevil composed brand new tunes for Pixar Play Parade, including the “Countdown To Fun!” theme, which brings the show to life as it travels through Disney’s California Adventure.

Additional Information

Accessible to all.

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