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Introduction to Disney's California Adventure

Disney’s California Adventure offers Disney fun with a whole new attitude in four theme lands – Golden State, Paradise Pier, Hollywood Pictures Backlot and a bug’s land. Each is divided into theme areas.

Golden State

This area celebrates the rich heritage of California and the people who came looking to make their dreams come true. Golden State features six themed areas and captivating adventures including Condor Flats, (Soarin’ Over California - a virtual hang-gliding adventure over some of California’s most amazing landmarks) Grizzly Peak Recreation Area, (Grizzly River Run - a wild, wet river-rafting adventure) Bountiful Valley Farm, The Golden Vine Winery, Pacific Wharf and The Bay Area (Golden Dreams - a motion picture filled with humor and emotion that tells the story of California).

Paradise Pier

Here are electrifying experiences from the glory days of California’s seaside amusement piers when they were magnets for sun-seeking and fun-loving families and thrill-seekers of all ages. Attractions include California Screamin’, a rollicking roller coaster that begins with a catapult start, and Sun Wheel, a giant spinning wheel in the shape of a grinning sun.

Hollywood Pictures Backlot

Hollywood as a state of mind, not a real place, but as a backlot movie set surrounded by huge soundstages housing attractions which give guests fun-filled ways to “pretend” they’re Hollywood celebrities and join in the fun (Playhouse Disney – Live on Stage! - a whimsical stage show featuring character favorites from Disney Channel). They can imagine themselves as movie starlets, the cast of a lost television episode (The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ - a chilling supernatural thrill ride) character voices or Disney animators (Disney Animation – an experience that immerses guests in the great Disney animation legacy).  A traditional landmark water tower at the rear of the lot bears the name Hollywood Pictures Backlot.

a bug’s land
Designed especially for kids, this land features “Flik’s Fun Fair,” which is full of attractions inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios’ film A Bug’s Life (Bug’s Life Theater presents: It’s Tough to be a Bug - a 3-D visit with Flick and Hopper from Disney/Pixar’s computer-animated movie, A Bug’s Life) where children can experience a fun-filled world from a bug’s point of view (Flik’s Flyers - a whimsical bug-size hot air balloon attraction fashioned from leaves and empty food containers).


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