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Blue Lagoon Restaurant Menu


Prawn Cocktail    €10,95
with curry and lime

Carpaccio of octopus    € 11,95
with fresh coriander and tandoori spices

Caresse Antillaise    € 13,50
West Indian black pudding, chicken skewer, cod fritters, crispy shrimp cakes with chili and vegetable pickle

Crab Presse   € 11,95
with citrus vinaigrette, rocket salad and dried tomatoes

Tomato Tartare  € 8,30
rocket salad, curry vinaigrette

Exotic Salad with Mango Vinaigrette    € 8,95
Shrimp, pineapple, papaya and heart of palm

Main Courses

Crispy Mahi-Mahi and Mediterranean Prawns   € 26,95
with Kaffir lime, herb rice and pan-fried vegetables

Grilled Swordfish    € 24,50
with coriander, mango salsa and perfumed rice

Crawfish au Gratin    € 29,95
ginger butter, plantain banana, fragrant rice

Blue Shark Roast   € 23,95
Coconut milk, pickled vegetables, plantain banana

Caribbean Chicken Colombo    € 18,90
with coconut flakes and rice pilaf with raisins

Ostrich Steak    € 24,50
flambeed with green peppers and fried plantain

Medallion of Veal in old Jamaica rum sauce    € 25,95
with stewed lemon flavoured mashed potatoes

Pickled Vegetable Crumble   € 15,95
with rocket salad and dried tomatoes

Land and Sea Flavour    € 29,90 5
Ostrich steak and half-crawfish au gratin with ginger butter and perfumed rice


Platter of exotic fresh fruit    € 8,50
with mango coulis

Crème brûlée   € 6,60
with exotic island vanilla

Hazelnut and dark chocolate ice cream sundae    € 7,95
chocolate coulis

Passion Fruit Bermuda Triangle Tart   € 7,50
with soft almond milk sorbet

Banana Crunch Milkshake   € 7,95
with caramel sorbet and ginger

Chocolate Pudding    € 8,50
with passion fruit custard and a pineapple skewers

Gourmet Coffee or Tea    € 5,90

Celebrate your birthday in our company and order your cake at the beginning of your meal!
Chocolate cake for 4-8 people
€ 24,00

Buccaneers Menu

Choice of 1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert
€ 27,00

Prawn cocktail with curry and lime
Carpaccio of octopus
Tomato Tartare

Main courses
Caribbean chicken colombo
Blue shark roast
Mahi-mahi in herb crust

"Treasures of the Sea" Menu

Choice of 1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert
€ 32,60

West Indian "Caresse"
Carpaccio of Octopus
Crab Mix in Citrus vinaigrette

Main Courses
Medallion of veal in old Jamaica rum sauce
Grilled swordfish with coriander, a mango salsa and perfumed rice
Crispy mahi-mahi and Mediterranean prawns

Choice of desserts in the menu

Alize Express Menu

Served in 40 minutes

€ 19,95

Mahi Mahi crusted with herbs
or Caribbean chicken colombo
or Large exotic salad

Gourmet coffee or tea

Children's Menu

Menu for children up to and including 11 years old
1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert +1 soft drink 25cl (orange juice, Vittel or milk)
€ 10.50

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Main Courses
Coconut Chicken
Farfalle Bolognese pasta
Beef patties
Breaded Fish fillet

Side Dish (except with Mickey-Minnie pasta)
Perfumed rice
Green beans
Pasta in butter

Cottage cheese
Fruit Salad

Teenagers' Menu

For adventurers up to 16 years old
Choice of 1 main course + 1 dessert + 1 drink included (soda 330ml or a bottle of Vittel 500ml)
€ 14,10

Main courses
Chicken Sandwich (cucumber, tomato, salad, fries)
or Salmon Pasta Bake

Hazelnut and dark chocolate ice cream sundae, chocolate coulis
Platter of exotic fresh fruit, mango coulis

Selection of cold and hot drinks
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite    € 3,30
Nestea    € 3,30
Minute Maid Orange, pineapple, apple or tomato     € 3,50
Vittel   € 3,10 + € 4,40
San Pellegrino    € 3,50 + € 4,30
Perrier    € 2,70
Eua de Perrier   € 4,30


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