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Silver Spur Steakhouse Menu

How the West was won

Cowboy Combo (for 2 people sharing)   € 16,90
Marinated chicken wings, fried onions, chicken quesadillas, guacamole, tortilla chips, mini peppers with goats cheese, and crispy gambas

Prawn Cocktail with Tortilla   € 7,95
with cocktail sauce

Serrano Ham   € 7,50
with fougasse olive bread and coulis of stewed peppers

Tomato Salad    € 5,20
cottage cheese and chive dumplings

Goat's Cheese Bites with green salad   € 7,50
sesame vinaigrette & soya

Caesar Salad with Thyme-marinated Chicken and Garlic Croutons    € 6,95
Romaine lettuce, Reggiano parmesan, caesar sauce with anchovies

Duo of Salmon topped with chive cream     € 8,95
with wholegrain bread

Grilled Meats on a Wood Fire

Choice of accompaniment: roast grenaille potatoes with thyme or green beans or perfumed rice or green salad or french fries
Choice of sauce for grilled meats: Barbecue, Béarnaise, "Silver Spur" with pepper

I-Bone Steak    € 26,30
Potatoes roasted with thyme, mixed salad and bearnaise sauce

Fillet of Beef (approx 200g) with Bearnaise Sauce    € 25,10
Steakhouse fries and mixed salad

Sirloin (approx 300g) with Pepper Sauce    € 25,50
Potatoes roasted with thyme, mixed salad

Grilled Entrecote Steak (approx 250g) with Bearnaise Sauce    € 23,50
Steakhouse fries and mixed salad

Grilled Rumpsteak Slice with Roquefort Sauce    € 19,95
Steakhouse fries and mixed salad

Grilled Double Fillet Chicken Marinated in Curry Spices    € 17,50
with herb cream and Steakhouse fries

The following sauces are available: green pepper, roquefort or bearnaise
The sauce or side dish may be changed upon request

The Legendary Road to the West

The "58-hour Beef"    € 22,20
You will be surprised at the taste and tenderness of this cut of beef cooked at low temperature. It is served with horseradish cream and mashed potatoes

"Kit Carson" Platter    € 20,90
Grilled chicken, pork spare ribs and herb sausage, potatoes roasted with thyme

Penne Pasta with Chanterelle Mushrooms   € 15,95
Chanterelle mushrooms and hazelnuts

A La Plancha

Salmon Steak    € 19,50
lemongrass butter, glazed baby vegetables

Flambeed Gambas with Pepper   € 22,50
crunchy vegetables, tomato and olive oil sauce

The End of the Road

Fresh Fruit Chocolate Fondue   € 12,50
for 2 people

Vanilla Creme Brulee   € 6,60

Tarte Tatin    € 7,50
vanilla ice cream, pot of creme fraiche

Oreo Cookie Cake    € 8,50
with mango coulis

Classic Vanilla Cheesecake    € 7,95
crispy biscuit, raspberry foam

"Lilly's" Ice Cream Sundae   € 6,95

Pecan and Caramel Chocolate Cake    € 6,95

Gourmet Coffee    € 7,00
espresso coffee and a selection of sweets

Sheriff's Menu

€ 27
1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert + 1 Vittel

Prawn cocktail with tortilla
or Caesar Salad, marinated chicken with thyme and garlic croutons

Main Courses
Rumpsteak with Roquefort Sauce
or Salmon Steak in rosemary with stewed-lemon-flavoured
or Penne pasta with chanterelle mushrooms

Oreo cookie cake
or Vanilla Creme Brulee
or "Lilly's" sorbet selection

Cowboy's Menu

€ 34

1 starter + 1 main course + 1 choice of dessert + Mineral Water

Goat's Cheese Bites in Macadamia Nut Butter
or Salmon millefeuille
or Serrano Ham

Main Courses
Grilled Entrecote Steak Bearnaise
or "Kit Carson" Platter
or "58 Hour Beef"

Your choice from the menu

Children's Menu

For children up to and including 11 years of age.

1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert
+ orange juice or Vittel or milk
€ 14,10


Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite    € 3,00

Nestea Peach    € 3,20

Minute Maid Orange Juice, Apple Juice    € 3,50

Vittel    € 3,10 + € 4,40

San Pellegrino    € 3,50 + € 4,90

Perrier    € 2,70

Eau de Perrier   € 4, 30


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