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The Steakhouse Menu


The Famous Steakhouse Caesar Salad    € 9,50
Caesar salad, marinated chicken breast, garlic croutons, and parmesan shavings

Uptown Chicago "Tomato and Mozza"    € 10,40
Ripe beef steak tomato layered with "di bufala" mozzarella and aubergines, toasted fougasse and a pesto vinaigrette

Eastern Sea Board Ravioli    € 12,50
Ravioli of lobster, scallops and gambas with a touch of parsnip, shellfish and citronella emulsion

Carrot Soup Cappuccino    € 8,50
Carrot and coriander soup, cappuccino style, with an olive and tomato muffin on the side

Southside Tartare    € 11,50
Delicious blend of tuna and cod "en tartare" mixed with pomegranate and vitelotte potato and a touch of lightly spiced guacamole

Crab Cake Appetizer    € 9,90
Crab cake lightly spiced with Cajun Louisiana hot sauce, accompanied by tempura battered snow crab claws

Shrimp Cocktail    € 10,50
Traditional shrimp and avocado cocktail - Steakhouse style!

Ocean City Cassolette    € 8,90
Mussels, mini raviolis, celery and pecan nuts "en cassolette" with a light saffron cream sauce

Little Italy Carpaccio   € 10,90
Carpaccio of beef "en brochette" stuffed with mozzarella and goats cheese, accompanied with confied tomatoes, onions and mushrooms by an asparagus and parmesan salad

Chicago Steak House Premium Steaks

The T-Bone - Everyone's Favourite    € 37,90
T-bone of Scotch prime beef (14oz), mixed salad, garlic and herb baby potatoes, bearnaise sauce

New York Strip Steak    € 24,90
Sirloin steak (10oz), mixed salad, fries

Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye    € 34,90
Aberdeen Angus rib eye (10oz) direct from the highlands of Scotland, garlic and herb baby potatoes, mixed salad and roquefort sauce

The Steak House Tenderloin    € 33,50
Fillet steak (9oz), garlic mashed potatoes, mixed salad and pepper sauce

Premium Rump Steak    € 23,50
Rump steak (9oz), fries, mixed salad, roquefort blue cheese sauce

State Side Steak 'n' Shrimp    € 33,00
Surf 'n' Turf skewer of fillet steak served with king prawns, baked potato, onion rings, mixed salad, bearnaise sauce

Bone in Ribe Eye XL    € 33,90
Bone-in rib eye (16oz), potatoes "au gratin", mixed salad, shallot sauce

The Texan Butcher's Cut    € 21,50
Butchers cut of steak (approx 8oz) marinated in texan spices served with fries, a mixed salad and BBQ sauce

Steak Tartare    € 18,00
Ground charolais steak "en tartare" served raw with fries and a mixed salad
served with a fried egg add € 2

* Baked potato - potato stuffed with creme fraiche, cheddar cheese and bacon

Steakhouse Specialities

Traditional Curried Chicken    € 20,90
Curried chicken mildly spiced with basmati rice, spiced onion compote, and mango chutney

Northwestern Baby Back Ribs    € 22,90
Baby back ribs, caramelised with acacia honey, sauteed baby potatoes in spring onions and bacon, mixed salad, BBQ sauce

Kobe Burger    € 26,50
The connoisseur's choice of burger made from Australian kobe beef, topped with "di buffala" mozzarella, bacon, red onions, tomatoes, rocket, served with fries and onion rings

Black Angus Burger    € 26,50
Served with "di buffala" mozzarella, bacon, red onions, rocket lettuce, tomato and served with fries and onion rings

Four Seasons Lasagna    € 21,90
Asparagus and artichoke lasagna, ricotta and cheese sauce with pesto, spinach salad with pine nuts and balsamic vinaigrette

French Quarter Foie de Veau    € 22,00
Delicate slice of calf's liver fried and deglazed with raspberry vinegar and accompanied by creamed potatoes with a hint of wasabi


Cajun Grilled Gambas    € 25,95
Grilled Cajun spiced gambas served with a thai rice with dried fruits and a lemon beurre blanc sauce

Atlantic Catch    € 19,50
Fillet of gilt headed bream, roasted and served with green asparagus, hawaiian salsa and a fresh herb salad

Boardwalk Scallops    € 23,50
Delicious sea scallops on a brochette of citronella served with confit tomatoes, risotto with chorizo and a rocket salad

Florida Salad    € 19,95
Floridian salad of shrimp and shark with pineapple, sweet potatoes and fresh herbs

Northseas Salmon Selection    € 21,00
Salmon trio: a tasting plate of salmon fume, gravelax and fresh salmon, potato and spring onion salad, and black barley pancake with a light horseradish sauce on the side

Little Caesar's Tuna Caesar   € 18,50
Caesar salad with teriyaki seared tuna, quail eggs and parmesan shavings

On the Side

€ 4

Onion rings, mixed house salad, garlic and herb baby potatoes, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, potatoes "au gratin", french fries, basmati rice, parmesan macaroni


Bailey's Creme Brulee    € 6,90
Creme brulee with Bailey's Irish cream and pecan nuts

Strawberry Tart   € 9,20
Fresh strawberry atop a fine crust pastry, mascarpone cream of bourbon vanilla

Chicago Black 'n' White Sundae    € 8,30
Sundae with Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie and caramel chew chew ice creams, cookie dough, black 'n' white brownie, whipped cream

Old Fashioned Apple Pie A La Mode    € 8,90
Homemade apple pie served with Ben & Jerry's vanilla caramel fudge ice cream

Coupe Hawaiian    € 7,90
Pina colada, limoncello and red orange with fresh mint ice creams, served with caramelized pineapples and a mini fruit salad

Steakhouse Original Brownie    € 9,90
Homemade black and white cheesecake brwnie, bourbon ice cream and caramelized fruits

Winter Orange    € 8,50
Chilled orange "soup" cardamon syrup, honey and pinenut ice cream with ginger bread croutons

Steak House Mini Desserts    € 2,50 each
A selection of desserts presented to you at your table by your server

Upper East Side Cafe Gourmand    € 7,50
Your choice of coffee accompanied with a white chocolate and chocolate tulip, butterscotch cream and a chocolate macaroon

Menu Chicago

Menu available for all guests with a Menu Half Board Plus coupon

€ 33,00

1 starter + 1 main course + 1 dessert (drinks not included)


Carrot Soup Cappuccino

Ocean City Cassolette

Caesar Salad

Main Courses

Traditional Curried Chicken

Ravioli Duo

Downtown Rumpsteak

Grilled Shark Steak


Bailey's Creme Brulee

Old Fashioned Apple Pie a la Mode

The "Cherry Garcia"


1664, Carlsberg    € 4,50 + € 7,50

Grimbergen, Biere d'Abbaye    € 6,50
Kronenbourg Pur Malt    € 6,00
Strongbow cider    € 6,50
San Miguel    € 6,50


€ 8,50

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, orange juice, grenadine syrup

Bacardi, sprite, fresh mint, lemon, sugar

Cuba Libre
Bacardi, Coca-Cola, lemon

Cocktails without Alcohol

€ 7,00

Banana, pineapple, apple, and orange juice, strawberry syrup

Soft Drinks

Sodas    € 4,20

Fruit Juice    € 3,90

Fresh Orange Juice    € 3,90

San Pellegrino, Vittel    € 3,50 + € 5,70

Hot Drinks

Coffee, Espresso, Tea    € 3,00

Cappuccino, Viennese Coffee, Latte Macchiato    € 3,40

Gourmet Coffees    € 7,50

Cappuccino "Prohibition"    € 7,50
Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, Amaretto di Saronno and Cappuccino with whipped cream

Kids' Menu

€ 11,40

11 years and under

A selection of main courses and desserts with a drink specially made for the children.


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