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Yacht Club Dinner Menu


Warm Goat's Cheese Tart    € 8,70
onion fondue, baby spinach leaves with apples cider vinaigrette

Memories from Voyages Around the World    € 12,10
duck foie gras, traveller's salad, sea bream tartare, glazed Mediterranean prawns

Scallops    € 12,90
with coconut milk broth and kaffir lime leaves

"New England" Clam Chowder     € 8,90

Sea Bream Tartare    € 11,60
with ginger and coriander, tomato-seaweed vinagrette

Seven Seas Salad    € 8,50
sesame seed vinaigrette, baby spinach leaves, soy, wakame, mango, ribbons of carrot, caramelized tofu, shitake mushrooms

Home Made Fresh Duck Foie Gras   € 14,50
kumquat marmalade

Main Course

Salmon   € 19,40
in a spice crust, bok choy, jasmine rice

Lamb Shank    € 26,40
with pistachio, turmeric emulsion, seasonal vegetables and shitake mushrooms

Grilled Swordfish Steak    € 17,60
with seasame, exotic salsa, sauteed vegetables

Grilled Rib of Beef    € 26,50
lemon and parsley butter, roast potatoes, fresh green breans

Duo of Sea Bass and caramelized prawns   € 27,00
noodles with vegetables

Crispy Asian Chicken    € 19,80
polenta with cloud ear mushrooms

Vegetable green curry    € 17,50
with coconut milk

Fillet of Beef    € 27,90
with Szechuan pepper, roast potatoes, green beans

Five Mushroom Ravioli   € 17,50
with white truffle broth, cream of spinach

Surf and Turf

To satisfy the hearty appetites of the sailors coming ashore from the great sailing ships, eating meagre ship's rations and dreaming of fresh food, New England chefs began to serve a delicious dish combining local meats and seafood.
The Yacht Club is proud to continue the "Surf and Turf" tradition, with simple dishes combining fine meats and seafood, served in a friendly atmosphere, true to the New England spirit of warm hospitality.

Griled Fillet of Beef and Half a Roaster Lobster   € 43,00

Griled Fillet of Beef and Roasted Mediterranean Prawns      € 39,00

1/2 Grilled Lobster    € 30,00

Whole Grilled Lobster    € 55,00

Shellfish from the Quays

Depending on the day's catch, served with rye bread, lightly salted butter, lemon and shallot vinegar

Commodore's Platter (for 2)     € 65,00
Eight "Fines de Claire" no. 3 oysters, eight "Creuses de Bretagne" oysters, crab's claws, langoustines, shrimps, whelks, queen scallops

Admiral's Platter     € 47,00
1/2 lobster, four  "Fines de Claire" no. 3 oysters, four  "Creuses de Bretagne" oysters, crab's claws, langoustines, shrimps, whelks, queen scallops

Captain's Platter     € 30,00
Three  "Fines de Claire" no. 3 oysters, three  "Creuses de Bretagne" oysters, crab's claws, langoustines, shrimps, whelks, queen scallops

Six "Fines de Claire" no. 3 oysters     € 11,00

Six "Creuses de Bretagne" oysters    € 12,00

Shrimps    € 8,20

Langoustines    € 28,50

Crab's Claws     € 18,00

Cheeses and Desserts

Selection of Cheeses    € 7,40

Pineapple Sushi     € 7,95
rice-raisin cake

Yacht Club Cup    € 7,80
Coconut sorbet, lychee sorbet, mango sorbet, fruit skewer

Ginger Almond sponge finger       € 7,60
crunchy chocolate with mint cream

America's Cup    € 9,50
mini fluted cake, creme brulee, mango sorbet, pineapple sushi, soft sesame nougat

Cashew Nut Crème Brûlée     € 7,50
with orange crunch

Warm Caramelized Apple Tart     € 7,40
Bourbon custard sauce and cinnamon ice cream

Caramelized Pear Puff Pastry     € 7,95
cinnamon ice cream

Regatta Menu

€ 35

1 Starter + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert
drinks not included

Navigator Menu

€ 29

1 Starter + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert
drinks not included

Discoveries of Mekong Menu

Scallops with coconut milk broth
Memories from Voyages around the world
The house fresh duck fois gras

Main Dishes
Duo of sea bass and caramelized prawns
Fillet of beef
Lamb shank with pistachio

Warm caramelized apple tart
America's Cup
Ginger-almond sponge finger

Child's Menu

For ages 3-11 inclusive

€ 10,00

1 starter + 1 main course OR 1 main course + 1 dessert
includes soft drink and surprise

Ship's apprentices' starter buffet
Vegetable soup

Main courses
Salmon kebab, French beans and rice
Grilled minced steak with French fries
Roast chicken leg with gravy and mashed potato
Mickey Pasta with tomato sauce

Substitute side dish for pasta, french fries, french beans or mashed potato (except Mickey pasta)

Captain's sweet trolley
Smarties ice cream


Vittel    € 2,80 + € 4,00

San Pellegrino    € 3,10 + € 4,30

Perrier    € 3,10

Eau de Perrier    € 3,10 + € 4,30

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero    € 3,50

Fanta, Sprite, Nestea Peach    € 3,50

Minute Maid Orange juice, apple juice    € 3,50


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