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Animagique is an innovative "black light" show especially created for the Walt Disney Studios Park.  It pays tribute to the feature length animated pictures produced by Disney. With the help of giant puppets, ultra violet lighting and various special effects, guests are plunged into a three-dimensional animated film, where they meet Mickey, Donald, the pink elephants from Dumbo andcharacters from Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and The Lion King.  Fun and laughter are guaranteed in this enchanting show where imagination meets animation.

Donald goes "quackers"
Guests take their seats in a 1,100-seat theatre.  The show begins in the animation studio that leads to the vault where all Disney's animated films are stored.  Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are working at drawing tables, pencils in hand, working on a scenario.  Mickey is overflowing with ideas, whereas poor Donald is at a loss for inspiration.  More artist's block than writer's block, Donald just cannot come up with even a small joke, let alone an adventure!
When Mickey leaves, the irrepressible Donald searches for the key to the door of the Disney vault.  In a desperate search for inspiration, he unwittingly opens some of the film canisters... and magically lets loose some of the most famous characters of Disney animation!

An animated voyage
The adventure begins with the appearance of a pink baby elephant, as featured in the dream sequence from "Dumbo".  Suddenly, the baby elephant grabs Donald and drags him into the film.  Donald finds himself in the middle of a musical number performed by four pink elephants, and then alongside King Louie from "The Jungle Book", whose manic monkey friends chase him up a tree.  In the next scene, we find Donald splashing down in to the ocean, along with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, who arrive on a raft.  Suddenly, the huge shadow of Monstro appears, and the small group is swallowed, ending up in the whale’s stomach!  Thanks to some quick thinking from Jiminy Cricket, Donald escapes from the ocean depths to the African savannah - the land of "The Lion King".
Donald lands amongst a group of zebras and the giraffes, in the company of Nala, Simba and Rafiki the baboon. The old baboon is confused and seizes Donald as if he were the newborn baby of the royal family, throwing him up in the air as a new adventure begins…

Donald returns, safe and sound, to the vault room, where he quickly closes the door and sits down at his desk. As he sits scribbling away, it seems that Donald's animated adventure has given him all the inspiration he needed for Animagique's exciting finale.

About this Attraction

Location: Toon Studio

Type: Show

Duration: 25 minutes

Show Capacity: 1,100 guests per show

Fastpass: No

Photography and Video not permitted

Best time to visit: Check park guide for show times

Tips & Fun Facts

Plan to arrive 10-20 minutes before showtime.

Animagique uses a puppet manipulation technique of Japanese origin called "Bunraku". Various puppeteers animate the large puppets using sticks.
These sticks are made of carbon fibre, which is very strong, supple and light. They allow for even large puppets to be manipulated with great skill with only one hand.
The show also draws its inspiration from the tradition of the Black Light Theatre from Prague.  Using ultra violet lighting, the puppeteers dressed in black are invisible, while the bright colours of the puppets are fluorescent. The usual perception of space is modified, and the puppets can walk, bounce, float and even fly over the public.
The 17 Animagique puppeteers undertook intense training classes to co-ordinate and synchronise their movements in complete darkness. They followed classes of Taï-Chi to perfect their perception of space.
The most sophisticated puppet of the show is Donald Duck. It is animated simultaneously by four puppeteers.
The show is controlled by a computer that digitally synchronises all light, audio and machinery effects.  The computer is so precise that up to 12 identical shows can be presented each day.
The animated features referred to during the show are the following:
Dumbo (1941) directed by Ben Sharpsteen.
Pinocchio (1940) directed by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske
The Jungle Book (1967) directed by Wolfgang Reitherman
The Lion King (1994) directed by Roger Allens and Rob Minkoff

Additional Information

Wheelchair accessible.
Induction Loop for hearing impaired Guests

During the show the theatre is very dark which may be frightening for some young children.

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