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Crush's Coaster

Hang-on Dudes and Dudettes! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating and animated ride through dazzling coral reefs, dark deep-sea waters and sunken submarines.

Designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, Crush’s Coaster is inspired by the Disney•Pixar film “Finding Nemo.” Using the latest coaster technology to create this thrilling attraction – Crush’s Coaster won’t be the same experience twice. The secret behind this twisting, turning, dropping and spinning experience is Gravity! Crush’s Coaster uses gravity, weight distribution of riders and number of riders to create unexpected twists and turns along the way making guests feel like they’re taking a breathtaking spin through the East Australian Current (EAC), just like the film!

Feel the Rush with Nemo and Crush 
From the moment guests step into the queue they are immersed in the vibrant world of “Finding Nemo.” A glowing sunset sky creates a gentle backdrop for the Sydney Harbour, the starting point for this animated adventure.  Guests board giant turtle shell ride vehicles and are sure to catch a glimpse of the hilariously chatty seagulls made famous by the film.

Departing from the Sydney Harbour guests embark on their “totally-awesome” adventure by entering an immersive underwater world where they cruise past vibrant coral reefs, a giant anglerfish and a forest of floating jellyfish. But the underwater world is not always calm. After a warm greeting from Nemo and Squirt, the guests venture out beyond the reef, over the drop off, and into a sunken submarine. A favourite hiding place for Bruce the shark, this sunken sub is the perfect setting for a close encounter with the toothy shark and his “fish-friendly” shark-mates which sends guests spinning into high gear with a fun, rip-roaring ride through the East Australian Current.

About this Attraction

Location: Toon Studio

Type: Spinning roller coaster

Duration: 2 minutes, 20 seconds

Ride Capacity: Four guests per shell

Fastpass: No

Best time to visit: Early morning or later in the day

Tips & Fun Facts

Try riding with different people for a different experience.

Crush’s Coaster is Disney’s first coaster-based attraction inspired by the Disney•Pixar film Finding Nemo.
Crush’s Coaster takes guests into the thrilling world of Crush the turtle and the East Australian Current (E.A.C.). Through a sophisticated use of show lighting, sound effects and imaging technology, Walt Disney Imagineers created the E.A.C. environment -- full of bubbles, ripples and undersea special effects that carry guests along for an exciting ride.
Guests will spin all the way through the E.A.C., and the ride will be different every time. The attraction features a gravity coaster where each vehicle spins differently, depending on how many people are in the vehicle, where they sit and how much they weigh.
Making a surprise appearance inside the attraction is Bruce the Shark, one of the largest dimensional figures in the park, at a size of 2,000 mm wide, with a huge, inviting toothy smile.
The coral scene was developed by Walt Disney Imagineers to recreate the world of Nemo and friends.  First carving a detailed surface in rockwork, the reef is brought to life with more than 100 shades of black-light paint. It’s taken more than six months to create this specific scene.
Throughout the attraction guests will hear some characters speaking in French and others in English. Crush addresses visitors to his world in both languages.
Walt Disney Imagineers collaborated with Disney•Pixar Animation Studios to create a giant mural of Crush installed on the facade. It features a 7.62 meters long Crush with several of his turtle friends swimming through the East Australian Current.  The entire mural will be developed as a photograph, giving it brilliant colors.  It will be 27.43 meters long by 7.32 meters high.
The soundtrack of Crush’s Coaster features musical theme from Finding Nemo, arranged and recorded specially for the attraction.

Additional Information

Wheelchair users must transfer.
Guide dogs are not admitted.

Minimum height: 1.07m 

This attraction is not recommended for children under the age of 7.
Visitors must be able of unassisted walking and must be in good health and not affected by medical problems which might be worsened by this experience.
Pregnant women and visitors in surgical collars are strongly advised not to go on this ride. 

Reviews & Ratings
  Recommended For

Children (over age 7)

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