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Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular®

Rémy Julienne, the famous French Stunt Designer who worked on many of the James Bond films, has worked alongside the Disney Imagineers to create a stunt show for Walt Disney Studios Park - the Stunt Show Spectacular. 

Staged up to five times a day, the action takes place in a small village in the south of France, and features cars, motorbikes and jet skis.  A giant cinema screen allows guests to see how the show would look had the action been shot for a movie, and some members of the public even have the chance to participate in the show itself!  The spectacle also offers guests the opportunity to discover the stunt secrets behind some of cinema's greatest action adventures. 

A larger than life movie set
Guest take their places in a 3000-seat amphitheatre facing a Mediterranean-style village complete with shops, street stalls and cafés bordering a market square. 
Before the spectacle gets under way, the first and second assistant directors choose some members of the audience to participate in the show, and take them back stage, where they can see the film crew in action, be an 'extra' or act as a 'double' for the stunt performers.
The giant screen in the centre of the film set shows clips of spectacular stunts from some classic action movies.  As a car equipped with an on board camera drives 'on stage', the director explains to the audience that a complex series of stunts are about to be staged for the 'film shoot'.

A spectacular car chase
The director announces the start of the film shoot.  A magnificent car ballet ensues, with the heroes trying to escape the village with the 'bad-guys' in hot pursuit.  A series of scintillating stunts take place, including a backwards car jump.  The scene culminates with a missile being launched at one of the bad guy's cars that literally splits it in half! 


The filmed images are shown on the giant screen, illustrating how the use of different camera angles can add so much drama to filmed scenes.  Some secrets are also revealed, including details of the stunt cars’ unique design, the existence of a back-up car for the special stunts and an explanation of how the 'baddies' car was cut in half.

Motorbikes and Jet skis
The next sequence to be shot is the longest and most complex scene of the spectacle.  The action gets underway with a motorbike chase, complete with gunfire, with the hero escaping on a jet ski.  The baddies, however, take off in hot pursuit while the Mediterranean village burns! 


The director reveals some more details about the stunts the audience has witnessed before inviting the pre-selected guests on stage to take part in a comedy scene.  During the shoot, the hero's car starts all by itself.  A short film is shown on the cinema screen, highlighting some of the slapstick images from Disney movies.

The grand finale
The moment comes to shoot the final scene of the movie, with the director ensuring that the cameras and stuntmen are in place before the action gets under way.  The atmosphere is electric as the shoot takes an unexpected, airborne turn…
This final sequence is shown several times on the screen, re-run in slow motion and played with sound effects and music to give it a dramatic edge.  The director reveals some final stunt show secrets, detailing how stunts are created, designed and filmed for the movies.

About this Attraction

Location: Backlot

Type: Stunt show

Duration: 40 minutes

Show Capacity: 3,000 guests

Fastpass: No

Best time to visit: Check park guide for showtimes

Tips & Fun Facts

Plan to arrive 10-20 minutes before showtime for a good seat.

Rémy Julienne, the Frenchman who worked on the creation of the Stunt Show Spectacular, is one of the world's top stunt designers whose credits include James Bond films GoldenEye, Licence to Kill and Octopussy
Disney Imagineers drew their inspiration for the Mediterranean town from villages in the south of France, particularly Villefranche-sur-Mer.
The motor cars used in the spectacle were especially created for the Stunt Show Spectacular.  Designed by the Disney Imagineers, the cars were put together in the ITDC (International Technical Development Center) based in Rüsselheim, Germany.  Using a "virtual-reality" computer programme, the Imagineers were able to design the car in three dimensions, and the subsequent computer data led to the creation of a polyurethane model, from which the car shell mould was created.
The cars were based on a central motorised chassis identical to those used in the manufacture of motor cars.  They are equipped with 1,300 CC motors, weigh just 600 kg and consume a litre of fuel per show.  The cars weigh less than half the weight of a "normal" car.  However, they are two and a half times as powerful.
Following Rémy Julienne's design, the prototype cars are equipped with a unique gear system that allows the driver to shift into reverse regardless of the amount of revolutions per minute.  Consequently, the cars have incredible manoeuvrability when performing the most audacious stunts.
Forty-five drivers from the motor sport world were recruited for the spectacle, and each followed intensive stunt training classes.

Additional Information

Wheelchair accessible.

This attraction may be considered frightening.
This is a particulary noisy show.
Dimly lit areas.

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