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Star Tours

Step aboard the StarSpeeder 3000 for a trip to the forest moon of Endor!

Guests make their way through the holding area, past Audio-Animatronic characters which include R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Once onboard the ship, guests are greeted by the bumbling pilot droid, RX-24, also known as Rex. Before long, Rex has made a mistake which sends the ship down the wrong tunnel, sending you out into space where you get caught up in an asteroid field, encounter a Star Destroyer, and accompany the Rebellion on a massive assault on a Death Star, before coming back to earth and avoiding one last collision with a fuel truck in the spaceport.

About this Attraction

Location: Discoveryland

Type: Motion simulator

Duration: 4 minutes 30 seconds

Fastpass: Yes

Ride Capacity: 6 simulators, each seating 40 guests

Best time to visit: Morning or late afternoon onwards.

Tips & Fun Facts

Sit on the back row for a more intense ride.

Look for the Ewok in the pre-ride video - he's holding a Mickey Mouse plush!

The registration number on the fuel tanker at the end of the film is Lucasfilm's old office phone number.
The passengers on the pre-ride video are Imagineers and their families.
Rex is voiced by Paul Reubens.

Additional Information

Wheelchair visitors will require a transfer. All visitors wishing to go on the Star Tours™ ride must be in good health without problems which might be aggravated (such as motion sickness).

Children aged between 3 and 7 must be accompanied. This attraction is totally unsuitable for children under 3 years old, pregnant women, people wearing surgical collars or orthopaedic devices and anyone with back or heart problems.
Not recommended for those sensitive to noise and sudden changes in lighting.

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