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Thanks to the improvisational "Streetmosphere" artists that lend the park its film studio atmosphere, guests have the chance to meet musicians, actors, and even "star" in one of the many comedy film shoots that take place every day at Walt Disney Studios Park.

"Film-shoots" courtesy of the Ciné Follies take place inside Disney Studio 1 every day, while the streets of the park are home to a variety of fun and interactive festivities. Further Streetmosphere highlights include Sound System, featuring an eccentric genius/one-man band, Rythmo Technico show technician percussionists, the Italian Ciné Band, who play a variety of themes from Italian movies, and the Knights, the stars of a super-production based on the golden days of chivalry.

Hollywood Boulevard in Disney Studio 1 is the setting for CinéFollies.  This group of improvisational artists use the street's façades as the backdrop for a series of comedy movie shoots that are "filmed" throughout the day.  Guests are invited to join the group of crazy comic characters on their chaotic sets as the movie's "guest stars".  The film crew is fully equipped with boom microphones, lights, cameras, clapboards and a director's chair.  The plot of each film shoot varies -  they include a bank robbery being shot in front of Glamour Girl Cosmetics, aHollywood epic featuring Cleopatra in front of the Alexandria Theater and an unusual native dance in front of the Liki Tikki bar façade.

Orchestras at Disney Studio 1
Guests are surrounded by cinema sounds thanks to groups of musicians playing a selection of film scores.  The Fabulous Dandies perform classic standards from the American musicals of the 1930's, 40's and 50's, with songs made famous by stars of the era such as Fred Astaire.  The Keystone Cops, the slapstick police force featured in many of Charlie Chaplin's films, play music from a variety of silent classics (Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin…).  Finally, the Studio 1 Orchestra perform film scores from celebrated European composers, such as Michel Legrand, Francis Lay and John Barry.

Sound System
A mad scientist can be found in the streets of the Walt Disney Studios Park, pushing a strange musical contraption. When he stops, the silly sound engineer invites guests to discover his bizarre one man band invention, with hilarious results!

Rythmo Technico
A group of percussion musicians play the role of show technicians, paying tribute to the production and technical crews of the film world.  Taking a well-earned break from their work, one of their number drops one of his work tools, and realises that it makes a great sound. One after another, the show technicians discover the music they can create using their respective tools - hammers, wrenches, flycases and paintbushes.  This culminates in an unusual mini-concert where guests can join in.

Italian Cine Band
This group of musicians bring Latin laughs and lament to the streets of the Walt Disney Studios Park, with their repertoire of music made famous in Italian movies.  Beginning with a cacophony of noise, the musicians take their seats, and proceed to take guests right to the heart of Italian cinema with mandolin tremelo and accordeon.  Starting with the tragi-comic world of Fellini, with music by Nino Rota, guests travel from film to film, via excerpts from la Strada, Amarcord, el Biddone, la Dolce Vita and The Clowns.

The Knights
A crazy Italian director is ready to film a blockbuster movie based on the theme of mediaeval combat in the Walt Disney Studios Park.  Unfortunately, his Production Company didn't allow him to hire more than two actors for the film.  The director therefore decides to identify theme park guests as potential actors to play a role in the film.  What follows is a fun interaction between the actors and the guests, under the watchful eye of the director…

Sister Act 3
Walt Disney Studios Park guests are invited to "get in the habit" of song and dance every day at the Production Courtyard stage.  Sister Act 3, the choir made famous in the Disney movies of the same name, perform a variety of traditional gospel favourites, as well as some of the most emotional and soulful songs in Disney's musical repertoire.  These include "Joyful, Joyful" and "Hero to Zero", as featured in the Sister Act movies and the animated feature, Hercules.

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