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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Travel to the height of fright in a haunted freight elevator for a gut-wrenching, faster-than-gravity free fall. Then rocket back to the top of the shaft and do it again and again!

"Fear Every Drop!"

Those guests brave enough to 'check-in' to the early 20th century hotel will enter through the elegant, yet dusty lobby and head towards the library. Once inside, the doors close behind you and a sudden burst of lightning covers the room in darkness. A tv in the corner flickers to life and the mysterious story about a family of former guests who came to their demise when the lift they were traveling in was struck by lightning and plummeted to the ground. The bodies however, were never found and its said the family still roam the hotel. You will then be invited to enter the fifth dimension, to learn the secret of that fateful night by boarding the one and only elevator still operational.
Upon leaving the library, you enter the hotel's boiler room in the basement. Winding through he boiler room in a second queue until you reach the elevator.
Your elevator will be taken on a gradual ascension whereby you'll encounter a series of supernatural and out-of-the-ordinary events, heightening the tension. Finally, having reached a height of 13 stories up, a door opens in front of you allowing a brief glimpse of the outside world  before you head rapidly groundwards in a random series of drops and rises.

The attraction is the centerpiece of the new Hollywood Boulevard coming to Walt Disney Studios Park. 

About this Attraction

Location: Hollywood Boulevard

Type:unique elevator rise-and-drop thrill ride

Duration: About 10-15 minutes from pre-show to exit.

Flash photography and video lighting not allowed

Ride Capacity: 6 elevators, each seating 21 guests

Fastpass: Yes

Onride photo available

Best time to visit: Early morning or later in the day

Tips & Fun Facts

If you get a case of pre-ride jitters prior to boarding the elevator, just speak to a nearby cast member who will direct you to an exit. You will be able to meet the rest of your party as they disembark.
Remember to smile (or scream) for the ride photo, which will snap you as you drop!

Many of the props seen in the hotel lobby and throughout the attraction are based on those seen in various episodes of "The Twilight Zone"
The Tower of Terror is 183ft high, making it the tallest building at DLRP.
Ride engineers are able to re-programme the drop sequences, allowing them to randomise the number and height of drops. If you ride a couple of times, you're likely to have two different experiences.
There are two separate elevators, each using one of three dropshafts.

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Additional Information

Guests must be able to transfer from wheelchairs to board the attraction.

Minimum height: 1.02 m (3'3"). 

Visitors must be able of unassisted walking and must be in good health and not affected by medical problems which might be worsened by this experience.
Pregnant women and visitors in surgical collars are strongly advised not to go on this ride. Guide dogs are not admitted.

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