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This Day I Marry my Best Friend

This day I will marry my friend
The one I pray with, live for, laugh with, love.

On this day I give you my hand,
With that, my heart.
Today, I pledge to you my love and my life.

Today, I enter our marriage not only with hope but
With gratitude for the unconditional love and
Commitment you have shown me and thus allowing
My trust and love for you to grow more and more each day.

In you I find someone I choose to put before myself,
For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.

Your example teaches me about the person I strive to be more and more like,
With everyday I am alive. That is yet, another gift.
You are the one I admire and the one who inspires me.
I realise that the foundation of our commitment lies in friendship.
Unveil your soul and share with me your secrets, your dreams,
your fantasies, your tender insecurities and your fears.
Today, they have found their safe haven in my heart.

Today, I give you my hand, with that my heart.
Today, I surrender to you, please lead me to your soul.
From this day forward, every ounce of your being is experienced by me.
Today, I marry my best friend.



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