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Based on the characters of the Pixar hit "A Bugs Life", 'Its Tough To Be a Bug' is a 3D show located directly below the unmissable Tree of Life. You weave your way around the tree's many carved roots before reaching the cave-like auditorium, where you'll pick up a pair of 'bug' glasses. These will allow you to see things 'as a bug would!' Once seated, you'll meet your host Flik and be dubbed 'honourary bugs' for the duration. He then begins to showcase the perils and survival techniques used by some of his fellow bugs…that is, until the villanous Hopper puts a stop to things. Suddenly the show takes a different turn and Hopper instructs his insect armies to give you, the honourary bugs, a taste of your own medicine. What ensues will have you laughing and screaming all the way to the musical finale, led by Flik and the bug orchestra.
It's enough to guarantee you'll never feel the same way about bugs again!

About this Attraction

Location: Discovery Island

Type: 3-D Show

Duration: 8 Minutes

Fastpass: Yes

Pal Mickey Interaction

Best time to visit: Before 10am or in the afternoon.

Tips & Fun Facts

If you have a phobia or are generally not too keen on insects, you may want to give this attraction a miss.

Dont miss some of the Bugs Life inspired movie posters that line the pre-show area such as 'The Termite-ator' & 'Beauty and the Bee'

To get the best view of the visual effects, sit near the back toward the middle of the row. If your not sure you or those in your party will enjoy the subject matter, try sitting to the far left for an easier exit.

At the handicapped entrance to the theatre, you'll find a hidden Mickey to the left near the ceiling.

"Its Tough To Be A Bug" was inspired from the Disney/Pixar movie "A Bugs Life" - It was the first widesceen computer animated feature.

There are approximately 1,032,000 animal species known to science, of which 750,000 are insects.

Additional Information

Guests may remain in wheelchairs or ECVs to experience the attraction.

The special effects in this presentation may be too intense for some guests and may frighten young children.

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