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A live extravaganza of thrilling stunts and special effects, performed by a dynamic cast and crew on a gigantic movie set. You may even be an extra!

Inspired by the blockbuster film “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” the show recreates edge-of-your-seat scenes with 17 stunt performers demonstrating techniques Hollywood uses to fool moviegoers into thinking a favorite celebrity has taken a punch, fall or bullet. The sequence of scenes lasts 32 minutes and is staged in a 2,000-seat amphitheater allowing guests a close-up view of the action. From the audience, 9-10 volunteers are selected at the beginning of each show to participate as extras.

Professional stunt performers are joined by the “extras” wearing costumes native to the Middle-Eastern setting. They act as bystanders while Indiana saves Marion, the heroine in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” from the machine-gun fire of German soldiers and an out-of-control truck that explodes on impact.

A few tense moments. One happy ending.

About this Attraction

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Type: Live Stunt Show

Duration: 30 minutes

Fastpass: Yes

Pal Mickey Interaction

Best time to visit: Check daily times guide for showtimes. The first couple of shows and the final show of the evening are usually the least crowded.

Tips & Fun Facts

If you're planning on catching one of the morning shows, its not essential that you arrive early as most will have seating available. Later shows will be busier and capacity crowds are common, so arriving 20-30 minutes before-hand is recommended.
To give yourself the best chance of being picked as one of the 'extras', sit as close to the front as you can and be enthusiastic in your attempts to get yourself noticed by the cast members.
If you choose to use Fastpass for this attraction, remember that you'll be able to enter the stadium 10 minutes before those without.
Just outside of the attraction is an often missed feature which is bound to raise a smile. A small sign warning which states 'Do Not Pull The Rope' (notice the word 'Not' is crossed out) sits next to a seemingly abandoned well. Try giving the rope a tug and see what happens.

The Stunt Theatre has a maximum capacity of 2000 guests.
"Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular" opened August 25th 1989. Most of the scenes used in the show are from the first of the Indiana Jones trilogy "Raiders of the Lost Ark".
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) received 11 Oscar® nominations and won seven, including the awards for Best Sound and Best Visual Effects.

Additional Information

Guests may remain in wheelchairs or ECVs to experience the attraction.
Wheelchair seating is at the back of the theater.

The show contains loud noises/explosions which may frighten young children.

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