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All-Star Sports Resort Facts and Fun

Bold colors glisten on 38-foot-tall surfboards complementing the deep aqua tones of Surf's Up. More than 900 colorful fish appear to be swimming along a "wavy" balcony. Two giant "shark fins" encircle a free-form pool surrounded by swaying palms.

Pennants of favorite college teams -- from Blue Devils and Volunteers to Boilermakers and Gators -- rim the Hoops Hotel roof line. Basketballs five feet in diameter round out the railings.

Stadium lights, scoreboards and an outfield fence recall a day at the ballpark at Home Run Hotel.

Giant footballs teed for kickoff and larger-than-life football helmets welcome fans to Touchdown!

Center Court features stairwells in the shape of tennis cans. Oversized tennis balls decorate the balconies.

Purchase a refillable souvenir mug at the Food Court to enjoy unlimited hot and cold beverages from Disney's All-Star Resorts' beverage islands.

The tennis ball can icons at Center Court can hold approximately 9,474,609 regulation size tennis balls.

It would take more than 20 million 12-ounce cans of soda to fill just one of the giant Coca-Cola® cup icons at Home Run Hotel.

Hidden Mickeys

In the garden, look at the statue of Mickey. He is standing on a white base, that has two smaller black circles next to it, forming a hidden Mickey.

Check for Hidden Mickeys on the manhole covers throughout the resort.

On the bedspread in rooms.


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