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Grand Floridian Spa

The opulent Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has elevated guest service to a grander level of indulgence with a full-service spa and health club. The luxurious spa offers a broad, balanced program of beautifying and wellness services designed to lift the spirit, relax the body and invigorate the mind.

Inside the 9,000-square-foot sanctuary of the Victorian-themed spa, services include therapies and treatments that incorporate the aromatic essential oils of Florida grapefruit, orange, tangerine and lemon. Skilled therapists and aestheticians also use marine algae, sea salt, English mustard seeds, and lavender and calendula essences to provide the ultimate in relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Treatments can be selected individually or in a variety of packages. The spa features private treatment rooms a couple's treatment room and lounges. Both women's and men's locker areas include a steam room, sauna and indoor whirlpool. Guests can reserve spa treatments by calling 407/824-2332.

Reviews & Ratings

Massage Therapies

The Grand Floridian Spa’s commitment to body, mind and spiritual wellness is embodied in each of our massage therapies. A customized experience will elevate your spirit, relax your body and invigorate your mind.

Swedish Massage
A full body massage, using traditional Swedish techniques with long strokes and gentle kneading, to relieve muscle soreness increase circulation and induce a state of total relaxation. (50 & 80 minutes) $110, $160

Aromatherapy Massage
A Swedish Massage customized with the added therapeutic benefits of pure aromatic, herbal essential oils. You and your therapist will choose the perfect oil. Heightens your senses and increases the therapeutic benefits! (50 & 80 min) $125, $175

Sports Massage
Invigorating and intense massage, combined with heat packs and muscle-relieving essential oils and liniments to compensate for overexertion. The perfect follow-up to our sports bath or Golfer’s Facial. (50 minute) $125

A traditional therapy given with fingers, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet concentrating on your body’s acupuncture points. Based on the ancient principle that balances the "ki," or vital energy, that aids the body in healing itself. Shiatsu is received with clothes on; loose clothing is suggested. (50 and 80 minute) $120, $170

A pressure-point technique performed on the feet, based on ancient tradition and the principal of energy zones that run throughout the body. The stimulation of reflex points in the feet, which correspond to all of your body’s major systems, induces deep relaxation and improves circulation. Includes a refreshing footbath. (50 minute) $120

In-Room Swedish Massage
Enjoy a Swedish massage in the absolute peace of your Walt Disney World Resort guest room. Your reservation to relax may be made by calling the Spa. (50 and 80 minutes) $150, $200 Please call the spa for after hours pricing.

Dreamtime by Jurlique
Open your body and spirit to new vitality and awareness! This adaptation of Kiradgee, a unique form of Aboriginal massage, draws its wisdom from the dream-like nature of the Australian land. Take the journey with native eucalyptus and cypress oils into a meditative, healing and dream-like state of well-being. (110 minutes) $250

Citrus Zest Therapies
Renew your zest for life! An Aromatherapy massage, as Floridian as it is Grand, uses our signature grapefruit body oil. As the grand finale, a 30-minute Reflexology restores balance and relieves stress. (75 minute) $180

Personalized Massage
A custom designed massage! Following a brief consultation with your therapist, this massage will concentrate on your specific needs. The combination of several massage techniques will alleviate symptoms of stress where you carry it most! Moderate to firm pressure is used during this massage. (50 & 80 minute) $125, $175

Mother-To-Be Massage
A very relaxing massage designed to nurture an expecting lady. Experience a state of rejuvenation in both body and spirit with a combination of foot compresses, gentle body brushing and soothing massage using pure lavender essential oils. (50 minutes) $120

Head, Shoulder and Back Massage
A relaxing scalp massage followed by Swedish techniques with a focus on neck, shoulders and upper back, where many carry stress and tension. Maximum benefits in a limited time. (25 minute) $65

Skin Care

We searched the world for the Purest Skin care products available to bring you the most effective line of botanical skin care products from Jurlique Skincare. Our estheticians will provide the perfect blend of therapy and pampering.

Grand Floridian Deluxe Facial
This exclusive facial treatment includes the beneficial effects of two masks. Enjoy this completely rejuvenating and stimulating treatment, leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Includes a hand and foot massage. (75 minute) $155

European Aromatherapy Facial
Let exotic aromas relax your mind, while herbal ingredients cleanse and nourish your skin. Experience a deep-cleansing and relaxing mini-vacation for your skin. This facial is customized for all skin types. (50 minute) $115

OPC Anti-aging, Antioxidant Facial
An intensive therapeutic treatment rich in natural antioxidants designed to nourish nutrition-deprived skin due to sun damage, pollutants, aggressive products and time. Excellent for mature skin, sensitive and allergic skin types. (50 minute) $120

Gentlemen’s Facial
A deep cleansing and purifying facial designed especially for men. Great for skin irritated by shaving. A hydrating treatment that leaves your skin smooth and refreshed. (50 minute) $115

The Golfer’s Facial
A rejuvenating facial designed especially for the male or female golfer. Powerful antioxidant work to strengthen and revitalize skin damaged by the sun. Warm compresses, soothing massage and nourishing products leave you and your skin revitalized and ready for your next round. (50 minute) $120

Deep Cleansing Facial
Designed to help nourish and restore health to oilier skin types. Promotes exfoliation, deep-pore cleaning, hydration and restores skin to a healthy and radiant glow. (50 minute) $115

Stress Recovery Facial
Designed to reduce stress and tension that shows in your skin. This treatment combines a soothing aromatic massage and extra care for devitalized skin. Your skin and spirit will feel rejuvenated. (25 minute) $65

My First Facial
A mini facial especially designed for our young guests, 4-12 years of age, to introduce the basics of good skincare. A fun and educational primer for a lifetime of healthy skin. This mini facial includes a take-home skin care product. (25 minute) $65

Aromatherapy Back Facial

This treatment is designed to balance oil and hydration levels to achieve normal, supple skin. It deep cleans the pores on your back from any imbedded dirt or toxins, leaving the skin moisturized, hydrated, toned and rebalanced. (25 minute) $60

Rejuvenating Eye & Neck Treatment
Restore radiance and promote cell regeneration to delicate eye and décolletage areas. Pure essential oils, antioxidants and massage techniques guard against free radical damage and stimulate circulation. (25 minute) $65

Water Therapies & Soaks

The Art of Bathing is revived with our specialty baths, each designed to elevate mood, ease specific conditions and induce a sense of psychological and physical wellbeing. Bathing will nourish, purify, energize and relax the body and mind.

Spirulina Milk Bath
A pure and simple milk and spirulina algae combination nurtures and soothes your skin. Gentle fragrances induce relaxation while leaving your skin supple, clean and soft.
(20 min) $50

Sports Bath
A soothing "deep heat" bath infused with an aromatic hydrating concentrate to relieve sore and tired muscles. A must with our sports massage for maximum relief. (20 min) $50

Peaceful Nights Bath
The ultimate choice for the end of your day. Using candlelight combined with a tranquil blend of essential oils and bubbling jets to relax every muscle. (20 min) $50
Secret Garden Bath
An exclusive Grand Floridian bath. Experience the intoxicating aromas of ylang-ylang, sandalwood, orange and patchouli. Disappear from the world
and enjoy the precious gifts of these natural oils. (20 min) $50

Marine Algae Bath
The purest micronized sea algae, detoxifies and re-mineralizes your skin while relaxing in our whirlpool tub. (20 min) $50

Herbal Bath
This bath is custom-designed to relax, cleanse, hydrate and tone the skin. Infused in your bath, each herbal blend is the perfect antidote to a busy mind. (20 min) $50

Body Treatments

The Grand Floridian’s Body Treatments are designed to restore harmony while achieving maximum benefit for your entire body. We invite you to experience "the ultimate" in spa therapies.

Aromatherapy Massage and Body Wrap
Experience the calming and therapeutic effects of our signature treatment. A custom aromatherapy massage is followed by warm compresses and heat as you are lightly wrapped to encourage the bio-absorption of nurturing and healing essential oils. A luxurious scalp massage is the final touch as your body and psyche experience a state of total relaxation. (110 min) $225

Citrus Zest Sugar Scrub
Florida Grapefruit, orange, tangerine and lemon essential oils, combined with micronized raw sugar creates a most effective, gentle exfoliation! Followed with a light body wrap to encourage bio-absorption and activate dull skin and increase circulation, as it re-hydrates your skin. (50 minutes) $120

Aromatic Herbal Body Scrub
A gentle exfoliation using a natural exfoliating gel combined with lavender body oil and a blend of essential oils. This effective treatment activates dull skin and circulation as it re-hydrates the skin. (25 min) $65

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Glow
A revolutionary treatment containing essential oils of grapefruit, tangerine, cypress, juniper, fennel, thyme and geranium. Eliminate toxins and improve circulation while leaving your skin with a wonderful healthy glow and increased firmness. A powerful blend of vitamins A,C,D & E and a botanically derived emollient system team together to nourish and moisturize. A MUST prior to any body wrap. (50 min) $120

Paraffin Body Masque
Activating and enlivening oil is applied to your skin and then warm paraffin wax is painted onto your body to envelope the warmth and soothes muscles and joints. A light wrap retains the heat and allows for the maximum re-hydration of the tissue. A deeply soothing treatment for sun-damaged and dry skin. (80 min) $170

Cooling Comfort Wrap
Restore and relieve your entire body with this therapeutic treatment. Lavender essential oil and calendula are used to treat and soothe your body and soul. (50 min) $120
Sedona Mud Body Masque
This earthy, detoxifying and hydrating treatment for you begins with gentle, dry brushing followed with the application of warmed mud. Your muscles relax and your circulation is stimulated to encourage natural detoxification. A nourishing treat for body and soul! (50 min) $125

Mustard Bath and Wrap
This is a "stand alone" experience, using the healing remedies of powdered English Mustard Seeds and essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen and thyme. You begin with a hot bath followed by a detoxifying wrap. Excellent for fatigue, muscle and joint soreness and insomnia. (50 min) $115

Marine Algae Body Masque
Your skin is prepared with a light, dry brushing followed by an application of essential oils and marine algae. You are then wrapped for maximum bio-absorption. The marine algae is removed in a warm bath or shower followed by additional marine extracts. This nourishing "sea" treatment is formulated from algae grown in the pristine waters off the Brittany coast of France, providing re-mineralization, balance and relaxation. (50 min) $120

OPC Exfoliating & Detoxifying Body Masque
This treatment begins with warm compresses soaked in aromatic and hydrating essential oils, followed with an herbal exfoliating gel. Your body is encompassed in rich, detoxifying clay that holds a natural source of powerful antioxidants. You experience the neutralizing effects of OPC’s as you are freed of the harmful effects of everyday pollutants. (80 min) $170

Journey Rejuvenation Body Masque
This treatment is especially designed to alleviate unnatural stress on the body and psyche due to prolonged travel. Using a bounty of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender essential oils combined with nourishing clay, this treatment helps you feel relaxed, hydrated and rejuvenated. (50 minutes) $120

Hand and Foot Treatments

Our treatment room has been designed for the most luxurious hand and foot care. Each treatment features our relaxing spa massage chairs that caress your lower back and gently relax your body. Our special foots soaks include therapeutic whirlpool jets.

Spa Manicure
This treatment is not the usual manicure but a true "spa" experience. Cuticles and nails receive special attention, and skin is left supple and smooth after an enjoyable massage of the hands. Choice of natural nails or polish. (50 min) $50

Spa Pedicure
A truly relaxing treatment as our technicians gently exfoliates your feet, then massage cuticle oil into the nails. An aromatherapy application follows with a mini-foot massage. Choice of natural nails or polish. (50 min) $65

My First Manicure
A mini manicure for our youngest guests, 4-12 years of age. A treat for any Princess! (25 minutes) $30

My First Pedicure
A mini pedicure for our young guests, a truly pampering experience. (25 min) (4-12 years of Age) $30

Paraffin Treatment
Rich, moisturizing cream and aromatherapy oils are massaged into hands and/or feet, and then warm paraffin wax is applied to enhance absorption and hydration. An essential treatment for dry hands and feet. This treatment can be enjoyed separately or combined with a manicure or pedicure. Hands and Feet (25 min) $40
Hands Only $25
Feet Only $25

Sports Pedicure
Our Spa pedicure with an addition of Peppermint Oil to increase circulation and provide relief for feet that have taken a beating. (50 min) $65

Soothing Tired Legs Treatment
A refreshing soak in our whirlpool footbath followed by a foot and leg massage, a tension-relief gel and moisturizer. A must after a day at the Parks. (25 min) $40

Especially for Couples

Take time just for the two of you. Share one of our relaxing treatments and discover a new sense of togetherness.

Grand Romantic Evening
A couple’s escape into total relaxation in our intimate candlelit couple’s room. Share your massage experience with your loved one, as each of you receive a custom aromatherapy massage using essential oils for the maximum benefit of body, mind and spirit relaxation. (50 min, 80 min) $250, $350

Couples Instructional Massage
Step-by-step private instruction in effective massage techniques for relaxation and stress relief. Educational tips are provided by your therapist, as you and your partner learn together. Includes a notebook and aromatherapy body oil, to bring your experience home. (3 hours) $300

Spa Packages

Our combination of selected spa treatments maximize relaxation and therapeutic benefits for an extra special Grand Experience.

Citrus Zest Collection - $219
Aromatherapy bath, 50minute massage,
25 minute Reflexology

Re-Creation - $342
Sports bath, sports massage, Golfer’s facial, sports pedicure

The Ultimate Day - $594
Sea salt polish or Aromatic Herbal Body scrub, Back facial, Marine algae bath, 50 minute massage, Spa lunch, Choice of 50 minute facial, Spa manicure, Spa pedicure.
Re-Balancing - $447
Fifty minute Sugar Scrub or Sea Salt Glow, Fifty minute Swedish massage, Marine Algae wrap, choice of European, Deep Cleansing or Gentleman’s Facial

Spa Escape - $404
Secret Garden Bath, fifty minute Swedish massage, choice of European, Deep Cleansing or Gentleman’s Facial, Spa manicure, Spa pedicure, Spa lunch

Spa Sampler - $224
Fifty minute European Aromatherapy facial, Spa manicure, Spa pedicure

The Health Club

We invite you to our fully equipped health club where our facilities and programming complement one another to maximize the goal of a healthy, vital approach toward an optimum state of living.

Hours of Operations
The Health Club is open 6:00am until 9:00 pm Daily.

Age Requirements
Parent or guardian must accompany guest 14 to 17 years of age while using the Health club.

Locker Room Facilities
Separate men’s and women’s whirlpools, Turkish steam baths, Finnish saunas and relaxation lounges • Spa amenities •Private lockers, robes and slippers

Health Club Amenities
Treadmills • Stair steppers • Upright and recumbent cycles • Elliptical cross trainers • Cybex® full-circuit of strength equipment • Smith machine • Cable crossover • Free weights • TV viewing

Personal Training
Available by appointment. Please call to schedule 24 hours in advance 407-824-2334

All prices and services are subject to change without notice. Cancellation fees may apply.

Spa and Health Club Guide

Spa Appointments
It is recommended that Spa appointments be made as far in advance as possible. To ensure your preferred appointment time, we recommend you schedule your next visit at the conclusion of your treatment. We welcome Group and Conventions. Our reservations office is opened 8:00 am until 8:00 pm daily. For information and to schedule a Spa appointment, please call our reservations (407) 824-2332. We cannot guarantee requests for male or female therapists. However, we will make every attempt to honor your preference. Guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult during a massage or body treatment.

Age Requirements
Guests 10 years and older are welcome to receive spa treatments. For our youngest guests (4-10 years) we have selected treatments to introduce a healthy lifestyle. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult during massage, water or body treatments. Childcare arrangements may be made with Guest Services.

Check-In Policy
Please check-in with the Spa receptionist at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. We recommend showering prior to your appointment to receive full-treatment benefit. We regret that late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointments. All appointments end at their scheduled time, so that our next guest will not be delayed. Full value of the treatment will be charged. Treatments and prices are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy
Guests not canceling or changing appointments four hours in advance will be charged a cancellation fee per service. Packages not cancelled twenty-four hours in advance will be charged full value. No shows will be charged the full value of the treatments(s).

Spa Treatment Hours - 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Health Club Hours - 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM


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