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Pop Century Resort Dining

Recipes you grew up eating, from peanut butter fluff sandwiches to buttermilk-soaked, deep-fried chicken, are on the menu at Classic Hall, the spacious food court at Disney's Pop Century Resort.

Chef Dee Foundoukis drew on five decades of familiar American fare to create a trip down memory lane for diners: warm cinnamon buns, oversized sloppy joes, slow-cooked pot roast, hot and savory beef stew with buttered noodles. Even TV-tray dinners with molded tin compartments.

But there's a sophistication to these satisfying meals. The sloppy joes are made with a cabernet sauvignon sauce and topped with aged Wisconsin cheddar. The string beans served with the fried chicken are fresh and sautéed. And those veggies mom used to insist you eat are slow-roasted, and include creamed spinach with gruyere, and fresh micro greens with infused oils.

"This is the way America loves to eat," said Chef Foundoukis. "It's comfort food, that warm-in-your-belly kind of cuisine. Guests come in and remember the tastes, the aromas. Food is the center of many memories."

Chef Foundoukis has updated recipes from the last 50 years for today's guest, but the robust flavors are still there. The food court's five areas encompass everything from a bakery to ethnic foods, with easy-to-read menu boards -- no printed menus, but color photos of each dish. Guests are free to select from any of the cooking stations, then pay before they are seated in the 600-seat dining room.

  • The Bakery -- Here guests will find fabulous desserts, from tie-dyed red velvet cheesecake to Twinkie tiramisu, along with extra-thick malts, milkshakes, banana splits and Dreamsicle smoothies. In the morning, giant waffles with fruit toppings are favorites.
  • The Grill -- The legendary peanut butter fluff sandwich, along with a baked version with French toast (stuffed with marshmallow cream) are on the menu. All-American chow like burgers and hot dogs are there, but Chef Foundoukis has added a veggie burger with broccoli slaw and tomato jam on a whole-grain roll.
  • The Action Station -- Guests can roll up their sleeves and get in the action, adding a dollop of icing to a cinnamon bun or dipping strawberries in chocolate. Chefs are tossing salads, putting the finishing touches on desserts and interacting with guests in this on-stage kitchen.
  • The Ethnic Show Kitchen -- Two woks are fired up, with chefs turning out noodle bowls, pad thai and chow mein. It's also the place to pick up a grilled cheese-steak burrito or the ultimate sloppy joe, and after 4 p.m. daily it's "Mom's Night Out" with classic TV-tray dinners served in three-compartment tins. Fried chicken and whipped potatoes, chicken and dumplings, shepherd's pie, prime rib and smoked ham with scalloped potatoes are among offerings that change nightly. Crumb-top apple cobbler is a favorite and fitting finale.

    This ode to square meals also includes plenty of 21st century vegetarian creations, from a vegetable chow mein to a baguette stuffed with slow-roasted veggies and a Mediterranean vegetable toss with artichokes, spinach, field greens and kalamata olives.

  • Grab-n-Go -- For guests on their way out the door, Chef Foundoukis has hummus, tapenades, marinated olives, cheeses and wrapped sandwiches.

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Petals Pool Bar

For drinks and snacks, located adjacent to Hippy Dippy Pool.

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Purchase a refillable mug at the Food Court and enjoy unlimited hot and cold beverages from the beverage islands at Disney's Pop Century Resort throughout your stay.


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